Earning Free Bitcoin through RollerCoin (2023 Review)

Wouldn’t it be more fun if you could get paid to just stay at home and play computer games all day? Of course, it would, however, that’s generally not how life works… or does it? Cue RollerCoin!

As part of my journey to 1 free Bitcoin, I am testing out various methods of earning free cryptocurrency. These include learning about cryptocurrency through Coinbase, using a specific privacy focused browser, investing in sustainable cryptocurrency projects, or playing games. If your also interested in playing games to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Binance Coin, Tether, Polygon, Solana and other tokens, read below to find out more!

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What is RollerCoin

RollerCoin is an online Bitcoin mining simulator game, which rewards you with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Binance Coin (BNB), Polygon (MATIC) and RollerTokens (RLT). As part of the game, you build your own virtual data centre to generate power. This “virtual power” then allows you to mine real satoshi coins, ETH and DOGE. Compete with friends to see who can earn the most!

The core idea of the game is a distribution of the block reward between players depending on their mining power – just like with real Bitcoin mining.

rollercoin game homescreen
This is your home where you mine virtual bitcoin from. Once you start adding miners they appear in the empty space underneath the clock.

What is Satoshi

Satoshi (taken from Satoshi Nakamoto) is the smallest unit of a Bitcoin. 1 Satoshi is equal to one-hundredth-millionth of a single bitcoin. i.e. 1 Satoshi = 0. 00000001 BTC.

How Does RollerCoin Work?

Rollercoin character creating screen
The ability to customize your avatar

Once you sign up and create an account, you’re able to create and customise a little character. Don’t worry, if you don’t like how it looks now, you are able to change it later on. Your character will be put in a room with a small computer next to them. To start generating power, the user must play minigames that can be found under the “Games” tab. Each game will provide you with mining power (in Gh/s – GigaHash/second). Additionally, users can generate power by completing tasks or purchasing stationary miners with Satoshi (either mined through the game or purchased).

If you sign up using my link, you will receive 1000 Satoshi for free! This can help you purchase your first rack!

Currently, there are 10 minigames (that generate power) to choose from, including:

Rollercoin mini-games to earn virtual mining power
The different games that you can play to earn a higher hash rate.
  • Coinclick – A user must click on coins falling from the sky. Be careful not to click the bomb!
  • Token Blaster – A space invaders style game. The user must shoot little aliens without getting shot
  • Flappy Rocket – Similar to the flappy birds game. The user must guide a hamster through a maze only using mouse clicks.
  • Cryptonoid – The user must break the bricks or “hashes” to earn points.
  • Coin-match – Most similar to the classic Bejewelled. Match 3 or more coins in a row.
  • Crypto Hamster – The user must jump a hamster up a screen, landing on pads, and avoiding aliens.
  • 2048 Coins – Title the table each direction to match coins. One new coin is added for every slide.
  • Coin-Flip – Coin memory! The user must match pairs of coins to earn points.
  • Dr.Hamster – (not shown in the picture above) Tetris style.
  • Token Surfer – (not shown in the picture above) A game where you skateboard over a mario type landscape collecting tokens.
  • Lambo Rider – (not shown in the picture above) Avoid other cars as you drive your lambo across the screen.
  • Enter the Chainers – (not shown in the picture above)a matrix style game where you have to shoot the people coming towards you
  • More that are coming soon!

Once a game has finished, the user can “Gain Power”, which will pass on the points as Gh/s to your miner.

Rollercoin power gained through mini games

Each game has 10 different difficulties, and 3 steps between each difficulty. This means that you need to pass the game 3 times to move up in difficulty. Rewards change depending on the difficulty. Each day the games will reset back to level 1.

Once you have hit level 10, you can keep playing to earn more Gh/s for your miners

Difference in mining power accumulation per different minigame

Each 5 minute period, a new block will be released. That block will be shared amongst all of the players in the group. The players with the most miner power, will gain the most Satoshi. Time will change (increase or decrease) depending on pool power, but will be reset back to 5 mins regularly.

The overall reward per block can be changed each 1000 blocks, but it depends on the power, activity and number of miners.

Your individual power in relation to the cumulative power of all players will determine how much of a share of each block you will get.

If you choose not to play games, you also have an option of buying racks and miners. You must have a rack to be able to purchase a miner. Miners are able to produce Gh/s for you automatically, and they don’t run out of time. However, miners cost satoshi (either the satoshi you mine, of if you choose to deposit satoshi / bitcoin). The miners available also only provider a much smaller amount of power than what the games provide. BUT the power that the miners produce does not expire!

Rollercoin buying virtual miners

What Coins Can I Mine Through the Game?

Rollercoin currently lets you mine:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ehtereum (ETH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • and the games cryptocurrency, RollerToken (RLT).

You can choose to mine all the coins at once, or concentrate your power onto a single coin.

To change which coin you would like to mine, you have to select “split power” under the “My power” tab. From there you can allocate your choice of percentages between BTC, ETH, DOGE, BNB and RLT.

Withdrawing Bitcoins, Ethereum and Dogecoin

To withdraw Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin, you will need to go into your “wallet” within the game. From there you can provide your bitcoin address and submit a withdrawal request.

Withdrawals are checked and sent manually, so it usually takes up to 2 business days. Some times requests may take longer. Times may also vary depending on the token you want to withdraw. All of the times are posted in the withdrawal screen.

Withdrawing Tokens through RollerCoin

Before being able to withdraw out of the game, a user must first have reached the minimum withdrawal limit

Withdrawal Minimum
Rollertoken (RLT)
Currently unable to withdraw
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ERC-20) (ETH)
Binance (BEP-20) (BNB)
Currently unable to withdraw
Tether (ERC-20) (USDT)
Currently unable to withdraw
Polygon (Matic)
Currently unable to withdraw
Solana (SOL)
Currently unable to withdraw
Minimum withdrawals of cryptocurrency through Rollercoin


In July 2020, the Rollercoin team released the Inventory feature. This opens up a lot for possibilities in the future including the marketplace! (see Upcoming Plans further down). The inventory feature lets you:

  • Purchase an unlimited amount of miners (previously you could only buy what you had space for)
  • Replace old miners
  • Organise your room more.

At this stage, you are still not able to sell miners. The ability to sell miners should be live when the marketplace feature has been setup.

Marketplace Release

The team have released a blog article on the soon to be released marketplace. The article provides heaps of information about what to expect and when things will be released. Here is a quick rundown:

  • the marketplace will allow players to buy and sell in game items in RLT / BTC /ETH
  • the marketplace is expected to be released at the start of Season 3
  • players will be able to farm drops from playing games
Rollercoin Marketplace coming soon
The new marketplace to be released soon

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Each 5 days you have to log into the game to recharge your electricity. If you don’t recharge your electricity, your miners will stop producing power. It doesn’t cost anything to recharge, you just have to log in and click the “recharge” button.

What is a RollerToken?

The RollerCoin team have introduced their own cryptocurrency token RLT (Rollertoken) into the game, which can be mined, and used to purchase some of the higher end mining machines.

The tokens will be used for transactions within the game and will fund the RollerCoin economy. The total RollerToken supply is set at 21,000,000 RollerTokens (RLT).

What Can I do with a RollerToken

It is expected that later on, the RollerToken will allow you to pay electricity bills, purchase items and equipment through the marketplace, buy upgrades and bonuses, and even purchase adds within the game.

Currently its only possible to purchase miners and upgrades for the season pass using RLT.

What is a RollerToken worth?

On February 25 2021, the RollerToken was pegged to USDt, with the fixed price being 1 RollerToken = 1 USDt. Before the update, RLT was set at 2000 Satoshi.

Pegging RLT to USDt will mean that the RLT token is more stable, reliable and independent of the growth (or decline) in cryptocurrency. This means that RLT will not get more expensive when BTC decides to shoot to the moon.

There is currently no way to withdraw or convert RLT to USDt from within the game.

However, when the marketplace is released, there will be an option to sell miners (previously purchased with RLT) for BTC and ETH.

The introduction of seasons and Season Passes

The summer of 2021 saw one of the biggest updates to the game – the introduction of seasons, and a Season Pass. Here is an official trailer explaining how it works:

What the team have done, is introduce a 60 day season, where players can obtain experience to unlock various rewards.

It works like a ladder system, where you need to gain experience (XP) to unlock various rewards. Rewards include miners, racks, RLT, and bonus power.

To climb the ladder you need to earn XP. There are multiple ways of doing so, including:

  • login each day
  • completing various tasks such as playing a certain amount of games, visiting some social media pages, or watching a video on YouTube
  • completing all the weekly tasks

Weekly XP tasks are refreshed after every 7 days, so anything not completed will be wiped clean each week.

And to unlock those exclusive miners, you need to purchase an event pass.

What is the Season Pass?

The event pass provides access to all the rewards including exclusive miners, trophies and other things. You do not have to purchase the event pass to participate in the event. The pass is only there for the exclusive rewards.

In total there are 20 levels which consist of 100 XP each. So, by doing math, you would need 2,000 XP to finish the event.

Season Pass Levels (Season 1)

If you unlock the season pass, you still have to complete the XP to unlock the exclusive rewards. That is, unless you want to pay additional RLT and unlock everything at once.

Season 1: Perfection

Season 1 Perfection - Rollercoin

The Event Pass in Season 1 costs 149 RLT. If you purchase that, you have access to the exclusive miners “The Glimpse”, “Prisma”, “Aurum” and “Perfection”. These vary in power between 50,000 and 400,000 Gh/s. In total you can earn 35 RLT from completing the event.

The perfection miner series will only be earnt through the event, and is not sold in the shop. In total the exclusive miners will provide an increase of 6.5% of your mining power.

To get all the rewards instantly, you would need to pay an additional 199.99 RLT on top of the Event Pass which cost 149.99 RLT. So in total about 350 RLT to unlock all the rewards without doing anything.

But wait, there is more. The player can spend more RLT to obtain all the rewards up to 5 times. Each time you want to obtain all the rewards again, the price increased. The price progression:

  • 150 RLT (Event Pass purchase)
  • 200 RLT (Claim all Rewards)
  • 400 RLT (Claim all Rewards again)
  • 450 RLT (Claim all rewards again X2)
  • 500 RLT (Claim all rewards again X3)
  • 550 RLT (Claim all rewards again X4)
  • 600 RLT (Claim all rewards again X5).

Find out more about the reward progression here.

XP Experience Gain (Season 1)

If you were to do every task possible, you would earn yourself 250 XP each week. This means that you would need to not miss a week for 8 weeks straight to earn the 2,000 XP Here is the breakdown

Daily Bonus – Each day you log in you are rewarded with XP. If you log in each day of the week, you would earn 100 XP.

Weekly Bonus – If you complete all weekly tasks, you will be rewarded with 150 XP

XP Reward
Play 25 Games
Play 50 Games
Play 150 Games
Watch a Youtube video
Visit a Facebook page
Visit a Twitter page
Visit a Discord page
Visit a Telegram page
Invite 1 User
Complete all the above
Total Possible
150 XP
The weekly XP reward system for Season 1 of RollerCoin

Season 2: Dark Star

Season-2-Dark-Star Rollercoin

The Event Pass in Season 2 costs 200 RLT. If you purchase that, you have access to the exclusive miners “Photon”, “Paradox”, “Anti-Phaze”, “Gravity” and “Singularity”. These vary in power between 125,000 and 1,000,000 Gh/s.

If you want to unlock all of the rewards at the start without completing any quests or gain any XP, it will cost 800 RLT.

The dark star miner series can only be gained through the event. By grabbing a complete set of the Dark Star™ Miners series, you get +15% to your total mining power!

XP Experience Gain (Season 2)

So, with Season 2, there have been a few changes to the ways you can gain XP. The event quests for Season 2 are as follows:

XP Reward
Win 40 Games in Token Blaster
Win 40 Games in Crypto Hamster
Win 40 Games in Token Surfer
Win 40 Games in Cryptonoid
Watch a Youtube video
Visit a Facebook page
Visit a Twitter page
Visit a Discord page
Visit a Telegram page
Invite 1 user via your referral link
Spend 40 RLT Tokens
Complete all weekly challenges
Total XP Possible Per Week:
200 XP
The weekly XP reward system for Season 2 of RollerCoin

Bonus Gh/s from miners

Rollercoin bonus power from unlocking miners

Each unlocked miner now provides a certain Gh/s percentage boost to help you along in the game. It encourages you to collect each of the miners, and will be one of reasons demand will be high on the marketplace. The more rarer the miner, the higher the bonus %.


One of the newest additions that arrived with Season 2, was the lootbox functionality.

Basically it works like a lottery system, where you pay for a certain box, and you have the chance of being rewarded with various unique miners.

Unique miners from Lootboxes in Rollercoin

The chances for each of the rewards in the lootboxes are listed below:

Lootbox probability for each case:

Rollertoken Crowdsale

RollerCoin had their Crowdsale for the RollerToken, with the first round offering 2,000,000 coins.
The basic token price was 0.00002 BTC per RollerToken. As it’s the first round of the Crowdsale, coins were sold at a 20% discount.

This means that for the first round:
1 RollerToken = 0.000016 BTC

As with many Crowdsales, there were rewards for investing. These rewards included:

  • Lifetime investor status (plus a special reward)
  • Limited miner(s)
  • Limited locations
  • Limited boosters and items
  • Brand merchandise
  • RollerCoin board of fame (with weblinks).

The Rollercoin Crowdlending Manifesto can be found here.

Crowdsale Timeline

The Crowdsale campaign started in October 2019. The following list is a planned timeline for future improvements and updated:

  • October 2019 – the Crowdsale campaign starts
  • December 2019 to February 2020 – 5 new minigames, rewards system upgrade, new items
  • February to April 2020 – Marketplace rollout, beta version of mobile application
  • April to June 2020 – 10 new mini-games, marketplace for mini-games
  • June-August 2020 – Game scaling, ability to expand in-game space.

Rollercoin Upcoming Features (Future Plans)

The RollerCoin team have hinted at a few exciting updates over the next year, including:

  • multicurrency mining (i.e. the RollerToken)
  • more mini-games
  • equipment upgrades (i.e. virtual miners), locations, bonuses and loot boxes
  • electricity
  • a marketplace for trading in-game items
  • updated network, including public profiles, chats, forums and social media integration
  • game location customisation – i.e. furnish your house and expand facilities
  • a mobile application
  • maps and game worlds – being able to invest in real estate, change locations, buy new buildings and even rent out those buildings.
  • adding a new coin to mine for each new season
  • NFT mining
  • Season 3 will ese games now providing random drops. The items from the drop boxes will allow you to join miners together to create even better ones!

Is RollerCoion Legit or a Scam?

Doing a Google search brings up a very divided opinion about where the game is a scam or not. From my experience, RollerCoin seems to be legit. There is no extra computer use while playing the game (a good sign that it’s not mining in the background).

Rollercoin Tips and Strategy

There are a few ways that you are able to generate the most points for your time spent. However, it comes down to the games that you are best at.

For example, I play a lot of the memory style game. I can usually earn ~1200 points within 30 seconds (i.e. half the time still on the timer). I would be able to complete two of the memory game (~3000pts) in the same time that I could finish one round of coinclick , flappy rocket, crypto hamster or cryptonoid (600-900 points).

What is also important to note, is that the more you play one game, the harder (and more points) that will be available the next time you play. To maximise points, you want to get this difficulty to the maximum as soon as possible.

This strategy is more efficient than playing 

One useful tip with the memory is to go through from top left to right, turning over each of the cards. As they show up, say the letter / name / a descriptive feature out aloud and move on.

Utilise the points and the games that you are best at.

Referral Program

As with most games, there is also a referral program. When joining from a referral link, the referrer will get a percentage of the combined income of each user that has been referred to the platform. The commission is calculated each day for activities on the previous day.

The satoshi is transferred to your in-game balance. Everyone that you refer gets a nice 1000 Satoshi as a starting bonus!

RollerCoin Review

RollerCoin is a fun little game that can earn you a few satoshi here and there, however, it’s not going to make you a bitcoin overnight, unless your smashing games out every waking hour.

What I like about this game it is that the player is able to climb the ladder quickly. It doesn’t matter if you started last year or last week, you still have the same chance of getting into the top 1% in the game (I easily moved into the top 2% of players in the game within 24 hours of playing).

It’s much more efficient to gain Gh/s through the minigames, however, this only lasts for a certain time. That means that someone who has given up on the game drops down the leader board very quickly.

You can get caught up playing 500 minigames a day just to earn a couple of thousand satoshis – that’s less than $1 USD for your time. Not a great payback. However, if you invest your satoshi in the virtual miners, you should be able to double your satoshi every 7 years (assuming the token amount is always comparable to total pool power). This would then equate to a cool 10% a year in returns.

I am also really excited to see the new updates being released over the next year. It looks like they will bring a lot of new gameplay and experiences to the game. Having a few miners, or understanding of the game could be beneficial when all of the new updates roll in!

A Note on Cryptocurrency Taxes

With the increasing utilization of cryptocurrency in today’s age, it’s important to be aware of tax obligations that may arise through your cryptocurrency use. To help you keep track of your coin movements, and potential tax obligations, there are companies that are able to keep track of all your purchases, exchanges and sales. Here are two of the best at the moment:

  • CoinTracking (the program I use) analyzes your trades and generates real-time reports on profit and loss, the value of your coins, realized and unrealized gains, and reports for taxes. There is a free version, or use this code for 10% off any upgraded plans.
  • CoinTracker is a unified interface for cryptocurrency. It lets crypto holders connect their wallets and exchanges, see their portfolio, wallets, and transactions in one place, and generate their cryptocurrency tax returns with the click of a button. There is a free version, or use this code for $10 off any paid plans.

Please note, nothing in this disclaimer or article is financial advice!

25 thoughts on “Earning Free Bitcoin through RollerCoin (2023 Review)”

    • Sorry, I couldn’t find a way to start a new comment.

      I posted this on one of the Facebook pages about Rollercoin but it mysteriously never got posted on the page.

      I checked what it cost to by 1 RLT. The cost in BTC was .00002433 or, currently $1.05 USD. I then checked if there was a conversion of RLTs to USD and I found two sites that had a quote.


      They had a conversion rate of $0.00023374 USD for a RLT.

      The other site-


      had a conversion rate of $0.000713 USDs for one RLT.

      Now, unless I’m totally confused, and I use a conversion rate of $.0005 for an RLT, I’m paying somewhere around 210 times the value of an RLT when I purchase one in Rollercoin.

      I haven’t found a place within the game to see what they’d use as a conversion rate to convert RLTs to BTCs to check if I’m right or wrong.

      • Hey Jim, No worries!
        They initially started with the price set as 2000 satoshi per RLT, but as BTC went up that became pretty unsustainable.
        Now they have fixed it as 1 USDt. When you have a moment, check out this blog post by the Rollercoin Team -> https://rollercoin.com/blog/new-rollercoin-economy-rlt-usdt/
        It goes into a bit more detail as to why it was updated!
        At the moment RLT can’t be taken out of the platform, so I don’t think its possible to trade anywhere else!

    • Hi Justin,
      I would contact the Rollercoin support team. They have been pretty responsive when I have needed to ask them questions.

    • Hi King,
      Deposit is very easy. Head over to your wallet (in the top left corner) and there you will find options to deposit Bitcoin. Additionally, it provides a wallet address if you wanted to send over Doge or Ethereum.

  1. Matt

    Not sure if you are aware of it and didn’t say or just not noticed but this site DO USE your resources (namely electricity through increased CPU usage) to mine in the background for themselves. Run a test on the tab in different browsers and processor usage jumps abnormally high despite site graphics styled on 80s. You become slave miner under the cover of playing Roller Coin. They share a tiny proportion with the players and pocket the rest. Would stay clear from it.

    • Hi Marcin,
      I have never had this issue as I am always playing through the Brave Browser (with shields up). The shields feature blocks trackers, scripts, and cookies among other things. I loaded up a new page now and there was NO DIFFERENCE in my resource usage.
      Have you tried with something that blocks external scripts running?

    • Hi Stefan, I haven’t tried to make a withdrawal yet, as I am trying to compound my returns in the game!
      If you have been waiting a while, I would suggest you contact the support team to find out what’s happening!

  2. Witam zastanawiam się nad tym ile eth bylo bywstanie wydobyć dziennie gdy zapełnimy wszystkie pokoje koparkami najmocniejszymi ?? Sprawdzał to ktoś już ??

    • Hi, I hope that you don’t mind that I translated your post (sorry for any errors):

      Hello, I am wondering how much eth was possible to extract a day when we fill all rooms with the most powerful excavators ?? Has anyone checked it already ??

      That’s a really good question! A few months ago I worked out that one machine would earn its value back within 7 years. That was based on the block rate and mining rate back then though. Things can change.
      I haven’t seen anyone that has made a full room yet. I’m sure someone is working on it!

      • I was check with leaderbords and saw Black Townshend and damn he got all 4 rooms filled with El monstro giving him 29.076 ph/s if your saying 7 years damn that’s long. Can you double check and see if this is legitimately lucrative hehehe

        • Hi Sky,
          7 years isn’t so long in an investment world – that would mean that your earning a return of ~10% a year. Also, if you decide to use all of your satoshi/BTC to purchase more miners, then you have a pretty big compounding effect. Unfortunately this is super hard to calculate as it depends on so many factors, including how many people are playing the game, how many coins Rollercoin decide to release, the amount of rewards per block, the total mining power etc. I was able to pick up a lot of my miners during specials (i.e. Halloween) so it really distorts the value and the calculations!

  3. This is a great write-up thanks for posting.
    I started a blog a month ago about how to earn bit coin for free and it has a lot of opportunity for improvement compared to yours. Well done glad I found this.

    • Hi, I translated your comment as:
      What application do you use to deposit to rollercoin
      So to deposit bitcoin to Rollercoin all you need is a BTC or ETH wallet (i.e through Coinbase). Then to send BTC or ETH, you find the address in the in-game wallet.
      At this stage you can’t withdraw or use Rollertokens (the games cryptocurrency) outside the game.

    • Hi Sanish, I don’t know as I have not tried. If your using multiple email addresses, and or different IP addresses, I don’t see why you couldn’t. You may need to shoot a question to their support!

  4. You talk about power expiring but you don’t say what that means. Do you have to somehow convert earned “power” to something else in order to keep it? Do you have to earn a minimum amount of power to do this, otherwise you’ve just been wasting your time playing for free? How does this power equate to the crypto that you are trying to earn?

    • Hi Ron,
      Great questions! Sorry that I wasn’t so clear in the text above. Hopefully I can answer you more here. So there is a passive way (buying machines), and an active way (playing games) to gain power:
      The Active way: When you play games, you get “power” as a reward. Each game you play may reward you with something like +700 Gh/s. This is then the power that is directly used to mine the BTC or other coins. After 24 hours, the power that you have earnt from that game expires. This means that you keep everything that you had previously mined, but that power will no longer be mining for you (i.e. -700Gh/s). After winning a several games (10, 30, 60 games), your earnt power will hold for a longer time (3, 5 and 7 days respectively). Playing games is one of the easiest ways to position yourself high on the scoreboard, and then invest in some miners for passive earnings. However you need to keep playing games to maintain the power.
      The Passive way: When you purchase a new miner, it adds you some power and the miner works all the time, even when you are not online. This power is permanent.
      One of the general ideas is to get enough active income to then purchase a miner (passive income).
      In terms of how the power relates to cryptocurrency, the game produces a block approx every 5 minutes containing 9000 Satoshi (or equivalent). Your reward is then based on the percentage of power that you have compared to the total power of everyone. So, if you had 1% of the total power, you would get 1% of 9000 Satoshi every 5 minutes.
      Once you have enough power (played a few games), you should see what your expected reward is for each block.
      Hope that clears things up!

    • Hi Hemant,
      The top player is on about 253 ph/s at the moment, which would mean that their making about 40-50$ a day at current coin prices.
      In terms of crypto, it would be about 0.000114532 ETH or 6.90347E-06 BTC every ten minute block.


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