Finding Your Path to Financial Freedom

Find your path to financial freedom by working from home doing the things you love, investing your hard-earned cash to receive passive income, living sustainably, and saving money along the way

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Crypto Idle Miner and Hora Token Review

Earn real HORA tokens while playing the Crypto Idle Miner game. This simulation lets you learn about mining crypto wile earning real tokens!

My Portfolio

Feel free to check out my monthly updates which tracks my investment progress, or the most recent articles listed below.

My passive income sources include:


My total solar generation capacity is:

710 watts

Earning up to 12% return each year.
Find our what this is about, and earn a free solar cell through The Sun Exchange.

Most Recent Articles

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Quarter 4 2021 Update

Merry Christmas to all and hopefully you all had a great New Years! Here is my Quarter 4 update for 2021. since inception (Oct 2020) my …
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