7 Fitness Side Hustles that You Can Start Today!

Starting a fitness side hustle can be a great way to turn your passion for fitness into a rewarding and lucrative career.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of fitness and the different ways you can combine fitness and business to create a successful side hustle.

We’ll also discuss the skills you need to start and grow a fitness side hustle, as well as seven businesses you can start today, including personal training, teaching fitness classes, starting an online coaching or consulting business, hosting health and wellness retreats, selling fitness equipment, developing and selling fitness products, and offering outdoor training sessions.

By following the tips in this article and using your skills and expertise, you can easily create a fulfilling and lucrative side hustle in the fitness industry.

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The Importance of Fitness

Fitness is important for many reasons. Regular physical activity can help improve cardiovascular health, strengthen bones and muscles, and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Exercise can also improve mental health by reducing the risk of depression and anxiety and improving sleep quality.

In addition to the physical benefits, regular exercise can improve your self-esteem, self-confidence, and overall quality of life. It can give you a sense of accomplishment and help you feel more in control of your overall health and well-being.

Combining Fitness and Business

Combining fitness and business can be a rewarding and lucrative way to turn your passion for fitness into a career. There are many ways to do this, depending on your interests and expertise.

One option is to start a fitness-related business, such as a gym, fitness centre, or personal training service. This can be a great way to share your passion for fitness with others and help them achieve their health and wellness goals.

Another option is to incorporate fitness into a business that is not directly related to fitness. For example, you could start a business that sells fitness-related products, such as workout clothes, nutritional supplements, or home fitness equipment. You could also offer fitness-related services as a value-added service to your customers, such as personal training or group fitness classes.

If you’re already running a business, you can also look for ways to incorporate fitness into your existing operations. For example, you could offer fitness classes or wellness programs to your employees to improve productivity and promote a healthy work environment.

What Skills Do You Need to Start a Fitness Side Hustle?

However, starting a fitness business is not for everyone. There are several important skills that you should be aware of when starting a fitness business, including:

  • Knowledge of exercise physiology and training principles: To be an effective personal trainer or fitness instructor, you need to have a good understanding of how the body responds to exercise and how to design safe and effective workouts that meet your clients’ needs and goals. In many cases, this means that you will need to have an education in fitness and most likely have the appropriate certifications.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills: As a fitness professional, you’ll work closely with clients, and strong communication and interpersonal skills will help you build trust and establish a positive relationship with them.
  • Motivational skills: Being able to motivate and encourage your clients to work hard and stay committed to their fitness goals is an important part of being a successful fitness professional.
  • Time management: If you have a side hustle in addition to a full-time job, it’s important to be able to manage your time effectively to ensure that you’re able to meet the demands of both your job and your side hustle.
  • Sales and marketing knowhow: You’ll need to be able to promote your services and attract new clients. Strong sales and marketing skills can help you do this effectively.
  • Creativity: The ability to come up with new and interesting ideas for workouts and fitness programs can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace and keep your clients engaged and motivated.

By developing these skills, you’ll be well-equipped to start and grow your successful fitness side hustle.

7 Fitness Side Hustles You Can Start Today:

Before you start a fitness-related business, it’s important that you have the appropriate certifications from a recognized organization (such as the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), or the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)). These programs typically involve coursework and an exam, and they cover topics such as exercise physiology, nutrition, and training principles.

The accreditation will not only give you the skills and knowledge you need for your fitness business, but it will also make you more credible and professional in the eyes of your potential clients.

Now that you’ve mastered the above, it’s time to start thinking about a few side hustles that you can get started with today.

1. Personal Training

The first idea that comes into everyone’s mind is the possibility of offering one-on-one or small group training sessions.

One of the benefits of becoming a personal trainer is that you can choose your own hours and schedule. You can work as little or as much as you want, and you can often set your own rates. You also have the flexibility to work with clients in a variety of locations, including at their homes, at a gym, or outdoors.

To find clients, you can promote your services through social media, word of mouth, and by networking with other fitness professionals. You can also consider partnering with local gyms or studios to offer your services to their members.

Consider teaching a popular fitness class (such as yoga, Pilates, or spin classes).

Once you’ve earned your certification, you’ll need to decide what type of fitness class you want to teach. Think about your own interests and expertise. What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? For example, if you’re a yoga enthusiast, you may want to focus on teaching yoga classes. Or, if you have a background in dance, you may want to teach a dance-based fitness class.

To find teaching opportunities, you can contact local gyms and studios to inquire about openings, or you can host your own classes and promote them through social media and word of mouth. You may also consider offering classes at community centres, schools, or other places where there is a need for fitness programming.

Finally, you’ll need to set your prices and schedule. Figure out how much you’ll charge for your classes and when you’ll be available to teach. Be sure to consider your overhead costs and the going rates in your area when setting your prices.

3. Online Coaching or Consulting

Use social media or your own website to offer fitness and nutrition coaching or consulting services to clients remotely. Perfect for those who enjoy working from home.

As an online fitness coach or consultant, you provide fitness and wellness guidance to clients remotely, typically through video conferencing, email, or other forms of digital communication. As an online coach or consultant, you’ll work with clients to develop personalized fitness and nutrition plans that meet their specific goals and needs. You’ll also provide support and motivation to help clients stay on track and make progress toward their goals.

To be an effective online coach or consultant, you’ll need a strong understanding of exercise physiology, nutrition, and training principles. You’ll also need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with clients and adapt your approach to meet the needs of different clients.

4. Planning Health and Wellness Retreats

If you have a passion for health and wellness, consider organizing and hosting fitness retreats that focus on fitness and healthy living.

A health and wellness retreat is a type of vacation or getaway designed to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. These retreats often include a variety of activities and services aimed at improving health and relaxation, such as yoga and meditation classes, massage therapy, healthy meals, and outdoor adventures.

Health and wellness retreats can be held in a variety of locations, including resorts, spas, and retreat centers. They can also focus on specific themes or goals, such as weight loss, stress management, or spiritual growth.

Many health and wellness retreats are led by trained professionals, such as fitness instructors, nutritionists, or therapists, who provide guidance and support to participants. These retreats can be a great way for people to take a break from their busy lives and focus on their own well-being in a supportive and relaxing environment.

5. Fitness Equipment Sales

Partner with a manufacturer or distributor to sell fitness equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes, or free weights.

It is possible to make money selling fitness equipment. The key to success in this business is to offer quality products at competitive prices, develop a strong customer base and build a good reputation.

To make money selling fitness equipment, you’ll need to invest time and effort in finding great products to sell, marketing and promoting your products, building relationships with potential customers, and providing excellent customer service. You’ll also need to be knowledgeable about the different types of fitness equipment available and be able to explain the benefits and features of your products to potential customers.

6. Mobile Fitness

Consider taking your fitness services on the road by offering outdoor training sessions or taking equipment to clients’ homes.

One way to make money offering outdoor training sessions is to offer individual or small group training sessions to clients who want to get in shape. These sessions can be customized to meet the specific goals and needs of your clients and can be charged by the hour or by the session. You can vary your rates based on the type of training you offer, such as general fitness, sports training or specialized training, and you can offer different packages or price tiers to appeal to a wide range of clients.

Another way to make money from outdoor training is to create and sell structured outdoor fitness programs. These programs can be sold as online courses or as in-person sessions, depending on your target audience and business model. You can offer a range of programs that focus on different aspects of fitness, such as weight loss, muscle building, or cardio, and you can provide support and guidance to clients via email, phone, or video conferencing.

You can also make money by hosting outdoor fitness events, such as boot camps, obstacle courses, or adventure races. These events can attract a large audience and generate significant revenue through entry fees and additional services such as training sessions or nutrition plans. To host successful outdoor fitness events, you’ll need to plan and coordinate all aspects of the event, including venue, logistics, marketing, and security.

Finally, you can make money offering outdoor training sessions by partnering with local businesses, such as parks, hotels, or resorts, to offer outdoor fitness training as part of their recreational offerings. This can help you reach a wider audience and generate additional income streams. To find these partnerships, you’ll need to research local businesses and reach out to them with a proposal outlining your services and the benefits of working with you.

7. Fitness Product Development

If you have expertise in a very specific area of fitness, consider developing and selling your own line of fitness-related products, such as workout programs or nutrition plans.

To get involved in fitness product development, you’ll need to start by identifying a need in the market for a new fitness product or a way to improve an existing product. This may involve researching customer feedback, analysing industry trends, or brainstorming with other fitness professionals. Once you have an idea for a new product, you can develop a concept that outlines the features, benefits, and target audience for the product. You may want to create a prototype or visual mock-up to help communicate your idea.

After you’ve developed your concept, it’s important to test the idea with potential customers to get feedback and determine if there’s a demand for your product. You can conduct market research through surveys, focus groups, or by testing prototypes with a small group of users. This feedback can help you refine your concept and make any necessary changes to the design, functionality, or pricing of the product.

Once you have a refined concept for your product, you’ll need to find a manufacturer who can produce the product to your specifications. Consider factors such as cost, quality, and delivery time when choosing a manufacturer. Once you have a manufacturer, you can begin the process of launching your product. This may include creating marketing materials, establishing a distribution network, and setting up a website or online store to sell the product. By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to becoming involved in fitness product development.

How Can You Promote Your New Fitness Business?

It’s important to keep in mind that starting any business carries some level of risk, and there is no guarantee of success. You must do your research and be prepared for the challenges that may arise so that your business does not struggle.

But, alas, there are some ways that you can get a foot up to help promote your new fitness business and attract new clients. These include:

Create a website: Having an online presence is essential for any business, and a website is a great way to showcase your services, qualifications, and testimonials from previous clients. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and includes all the information potential clients might need, such as pricing, schedules, and contact information.

Use social media: Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are a great way to connect with potential clients and promote your business. Share updates, photos, and testimonials from clients to showcase your services and engage with your audience.

Network with other fitness professionals: Building relationships with other fitness professionals in your area can help you promote your business and find new clients. Consider joining local fitness organizations or attending industry events to meet potential partners and clients.

Offer promotions and discounts: Consider offering promotions or discounts to encourage people to try your services. This can be a great way to attract new customers and build your client base.

Start an affiliate program: Depending on what side hustle you get into, you may be able to start an affiliate program for your business. The benefit of this is that somebody else puts in the effort to get clients on your behalf.

Get involved in the community: Participating in local events or sponsoring local sports teams can help you get your business in front of a wider audience and build a positive reputation in your local area.


Fitness is an important aspect of overall health and wellness that can have numerous physical and mental benefits. Combining fitness and business can be a rewarding and lucrative way to turn your passion for fitness into a career, and there are many different ways to do this, depending on your interests and expertise.

To start a successful fitness side hustle, it’s important to have a good understanding of exercise physiology and training principles, strong communication and interpersonal skills, motivational skills, time management skills, sales and marketing skills, and creativity. There are numerous fitness side hustles you can start today, such as personal training, teaching fitness classes, starting an online coaching or consulting business, hosting health and wellness retreats, selling fitness equipment, or developing and selling fitness products.

By finding a niche and leveraging your skills and expertise, you can create a fulfilling and lucrative fitness side hustle.


This was just one of many other ideas about starting a side hustle, and or making money online without experience. If you want to discover more opportunities, check out our list of additional ways to earn money.



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