Ezoic Affiliate Program Review: How to Make Easy Money

Ezoic (the platform we use to run premium ads on our website) offers one of the best affiliate programs, which provides you with tools to make easy money while you work at home.

Why do we think its one of the best affiliate programs?

In short, because its super easy to promote, there is recurring income, and because its one of the best networks in the industry.

So let us discuss a bit more about how to make easy money through the Ezoic affiliate program. 

Ezoic Affilate Program Review – How To Become An Ezoic Affiliate And Make Money

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Many people are worried that affiliate marketing is difficult to start as you need to set aside a lot of time to create and market a websit. However in reality, that’s just not the case.

Yes, having a website does make it easier, but in reality, all you need is: (1) a good affiliate program (better if you’re using it as well, and (2) clicks on your referral link.

What is Ezoic & why advertise it?

Ezoic is a platform that uses A.I to adaptively show advertisements based on a viewers location, demographic, and preference for ad types (among many other things). Overall this means that you have less ads running on your site, have improved user experience, and also make the most amount of money available. Ezoic even guarantees the highest revenue and best user experience. Check out our full Ezoic platform review here!

Why is the Ezoic affiliate program so good?

There are a few reasons why the Ezoic platform is the best affiliate program around:

First, you’re compensated monthly with 3% of the ad revenue of any sites that you have referred to the platform. You continuously earn this income while the referred person uses the platform. There is no limit on the amount of income you can generate.

Second, the platform is super easy to promote. It’s a premium ad network, that is open to any site, regardless of pageviews (unlike Mediavine, Media.net, Monumetric, AdThrive etc.), and they offer a revenue guarantee if you earn less than the competition.

If people are already running ads on their website, then there is a good chance that they will be interested in finding out ways to increase their revenue (and also their users experience).

Do you want to become an Ezoic affiliate?

How much can I earn from the affiliate program?

Through Ezoic’s affiliate program you will earn 3% of a publisher’s total revenue on all traffic that they send through Ezoic. Your earnings are based on the lifetime that the person uses the ad network.

According to Ezoic, the average earnings from users on the platform is $1,600 per month. This would equate to nearly $50 a month (for just one conversion).

There is an unlimited conversion rate and commission cap, meaning that the sky’s the limit in how much you’re able to earn through the program.

How does the affiliate program work?

So, once you have created an account and logged into the affiliate area, you start in your dashboard. Your dashboard provides an overview of your activity and includes things such as reports, assets and conversions.

If you already use the platform for running ads, then you are automatically accepted into the affiliate program. Just click on the “Referral Program” button in the platform, and then your able to quickly login to the dashboard.

Ezoic Referral Program Sign-in Page
The login page if you already have an account through the network.

Under the Assets tab, you will find your unique referral link, which is the link that tracks conversions to your account. You are also provided with some graphics, and various other links to things such as blog posts (for example: How to Use Smaller Topics to Write Longer Articles).

The platform allows users to create custom links to the main products including:

What you can promote through Ezoic
Some of the items that you can promote through the affiliate network
  • Ad Tester – The main advertisement offering (advanced A.I add testing for maximum revenue and user experience) 
  • Leap (optimization and diagnostics to pass Core Web Vitals)
  • Analytics (measure many page metrics against revenue) 
  • Access now (allowing websites with less than 10,000 monthly page views to join) 
  • Heading tester (running tests to determine which heading performs best in search)
  • Video player (earning revenue and hosting videos on your site), and
  • Ezoic cloud (fast way of serving ads and content to pass Core Web Vitals). 

When someone signs up to Ezoic using your “conversion link”, and then you are credited for the sale. Once the referred website starts making money, you are rewarded with a monthly commission of 3% for the LIFETIME of the referred site.

How The Ezoic Affiliate Program Works

How are conversions registered and tracked?

Once someone clicks on your link, you have 30 days (i.e. the cookie length) for them to sign up. If they sign up outside this period, then you do not get credit for the conversion. However, if they do sign up, but then do not begin using Ezoic until after 30 days, you will still be credited for the sale. 

But there are some possible ways that you could miss out on the commission including if a potential customer clears their cookies, or uses a cookie blocker when signing up, or if another affiliate link was clicked before they became a customer.

The platform works on a last-click basis, meaning that the click that makes the conversion is the one that gets the reward.

All clicks and conversions are shown under the reporting feature of your dashboard.

Ezoic Affiliate FAQs

What are some of the best ways to promote the products?

As with most affiliate products, some of the best ways to promote the products are through detailed reviews, forum posts, social media, and through your own website. However, if you don’t have your own website, don’t worry. We have come up with multiple ways that you can still promote affiliate products without a website

How do you get paid?

Ezoic opts for paying their publishers with either check, Paypal or Payoneer. Payment terms are set at 30 day net payment for the month prior, meaning that any of your earnings for January would be paid out at the end of February. Minimum payout is set at $20. 

Where does the money come from? 

The affiliate commission geberstes comes out of Ezoics profit and not the referrals earning. So someone joining up through your link does not miss out on any revenue! 

Think it more of a few that the platform has to pay to acquire the customer. 

Did you miss anything in your review?

Of course there is always more information and FAQs to be found. The platform has a lot of additional questions found in their affiliate program faq section of their site. 

Terms and conditions

As with any affiliate program, it’s important to adhere to all terms and conditions imposed.

If you don’t make yourself familar with the terms, there is a chance that you will breach the agreement and the platform will terminate your arrangement.

Some of the most common things which are included in the terms and conditions include (among other things):

  • Not pretending to be the referred site in a manner to generate referrals (including misspellings or variations of name, same look and function of site etc.) 
  • Not promoting violence, discrimination or sexually explicit activites
  • Not infringing on copyright or other intellectual property
  • Prohibited advertising (i.e. unsolicited commercial emails, promoting in a way that conceals your identity, viruses or injected code, etc.)
  • Not bidding on trademarked keywords such as Ezoic.com, Ezoic or variations. 

Overall you should be OK if you clearly define yourself as being independent from Ezoic. 

If you do choose to send your link through email, the recipient must already be subscribed to your website or blog. 

Both you and Ezoic have the right to terminate the arrangement at any time for any reason. 

A site already using Ezoic to run advertisements has been pre-approved to join. 

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the whole terms and conditions of the program, as these contain the most up to date information of what’s acceptable. 

Ezoic affiliate program review summary

Most people want to earn money from their website, so by offering a premium advertising network, with no minimum page views, is a win-win situation. Coupled with the fact that Ezoic offers a revenue guarantee (that you will earn more through them than any other network), should make the platform a pretty easy sell. 

However affiliate marketing does require a bit of effort to get your links in front of the right people. But it’s all worth it when you get that first sale. 

But remember, website owners will try and maximise the amount of money coming in, which in turn increases the amount of revenue you are able to generate. 

So, what are you waiting for? Create an account and generate more online income today! 

P. S. If you do you sign up to the platform through any of the links on this page (and it’s tracked), I’ll be happy to throw a link back to your website. 

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