Acknowledgement of Debt

Acknowledgement of debt letter

Want to borrow money but not sure how to document the transaction? An acknowledgement of debt may be the solution!

The Long Term Effects of Bankruptcy

filing bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy can be necessary depending on your current situation. But do you know the long term effects of bankruptcy?

Living A Simple Life With Little Money

Frugal living on little money

Living a simple life with little money does not mean you should live a boring life. It’s about being frugal, reduce your expenses and live within your means.

Financial Advice For Athletes

Financial Planning for Professional Athletes

A surprising number of professional athletes face financial problems after retirement. That’s why its important to get proper financial advice for athletes

Joining the Million Dollar Club

Million Dollar Club Title Picture

I have taken the plunge and joined the Million Dollar Club. What is it? It’s a club where you pledge your intentions on reaching that Million Dollars!