Every few months I post an overview of how my investments and the blog are performing. I show you some details on my Crowdfunding and P2P investment platforms, my stock trading account, as well as some blog statistics. Come back regularly as this page is updated every few months. Also, check out my monthly updates as they show more detailed information about how my investments perform each month!!

I also explain further down how much the webstie generates through Ezoic!

Achieving Financial Freedom

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Progress Towards Financial Freedom

This is my main chart, showing my progress towards financial freedom!
I find it extremely important to visualize your goals. It’s one of the main reasons why I have this website.

Hopefully some of the things that you see on the website inspire you to fully achieve your goals

progress towards financial freedom

As I am planning to reach my goal (i.e. 100%) within 20 years, I have laid down a guiding path based on my expected returns and estimates. I have set a very conservative estimate of 20 years to become financially independent, as I am currently aggressively paying off the house, and raising a (very) young family.

Overall Asset Allocation

As it is important for you to see how my assets are allocated, I have provided some charts below to show my diversification between various investments. Additionally I have shown the diversificaiton between the different P2P Investment and crowdfunding platforms.

Total Asset Allocation for thewahman
Crowdlending Allocation for thewahman

Passive Income Sources

To reach my goal of financial independence, I realise that I need to have multiple sources of passive income, that is on top of my working from home job (a.k.a. my day job). Currently I have 5 passive income streams, which I have outlined below:

Stock Market Investments

Here is the breakdown of my current share holdings (in just one of my accounts – my Avanza Kapitalförsäkring Account.

My strategy with this account is to focus on Dividend Growth Investing, with an aim of receiving a yield on cost of 10%+ after 10 years.

thewahman sharemarket investing breakdown

My P2P and Crowdlending Portfolio

Combined Crowdlending Interest Received 2022

The graphs above provide the stacked returns that I have made (per month) through each of the P2P investment platforms that I invest in (Mintos, Crowdestor, and Reinvest24). Each month is marked in a separate colour, and the total investment can be seen on the bottom axis. Click on the graph to see more details.

Consumer Loans


Mintos Returns By Month
Mintos Compound Returns

Business Loans


Crowdestor Returns By Month
Crowdestor Compound Returns

Real Estate Crowdlending / Fractional Real Estate


Reinvest24 Returns By Month
Reinvest24 Compound Returns

Solar Generation

A few months ago, I purchased some solar cells from The Sun Exchange (if you use the affiliate link, then you will get 1 free solar cell on your first purchase!).

The Sun Exchange is the world’s first peer-to-peer solar cell micro-leasing platform. he platform works by people purchasing solar cells, which are then leased to companies (such as schools, nursing homes, shopping malls etc), who will pay for the electricity that is generated by your cells.

The companies generally can’t afford the outright cost of the systems themselves, which is where the crowdfunding aspect comes in. The solar system will be split up into many smaller cells, that are sold at a reasonable price. Solar cells can be bought in either BTC or the local currency (ZAR).

The below graph shows how much solar energy I am generating (and then how much Bitcoin i’m passively earning each month).

Total returns of solar power generated through The Sun Exchange Platform

I am currently trying to get to one free Bitcoin, and the Sun Exchange is a major factor in helping me get there!

Website Advertisements

Ezoic Earnings per Million Views
Current earnings per 1,000 views

I have recently moved over to Ezoic for my website advertisements. At the moment I am making a constant $10+ per every 1,000 pageviews, which allows me to easily quantify an article or post. Since I have started with the platform, I have noticed that both my earnings and also my page views have been increasing!

Did you know:

Ezoic have removed minimum page view requirements, meaning that anyone can start making money from their website. They also have a revenue guarantee that they will perform better than any other ad service, or they will pay you 25% more.

Read more in my full platform review.

Monitoring Your Returns

It it extremely important to monitor your financial progress , otherwise how do you know how much money you have made? Monitoring your progress allows:

  1. Performance tracking over time – where you sit compared to your financial goals, how you compare to others, and expectations of investments.
  2. Monitoring of outflows – outflows include fees or payments that may occur. Generally P2P platforms have no fees, however, there can be fees for currency conversions, and purchasing second hand P2P loans.
  3. Continual adjustments – It is important to diversify investments taking into account investment types, platforms and countries. By creating financial overviews, you can see if you are to exposed in a certain area.

Quarterly Updates