Path to financial freedom

My name is Matt. I am a 30’s something man who has been working at home (hence the name of the website “WAHman”) full time for the last 5 years. I love it. It allows me to spend more time with my young family, and less time traveling to and from an office. How did I do it? simple. I moved countries and asked my boss if I could keep my job. They needed the help, I needed the job, and it’s working perfectly.

I started on my path to financial freedom at a young age, but only recently realized that I am able to achieve this from my own home. In my free time, I care for my family, work on my house, spend time in the garden, go for walks on the beach and write articles here.

A bit more about me. I am a fairly frugal person:

  • My wife and I use a cheap but reliable car from 2005. We purchased this initially for ~$1,500 USD.
  • I maintain my own garden, clean my own home and fix stuff when it breaks.
  • I regularly check out opportunity shops (op shops, 2nd hand shops etc.) for great bargains.
  • I shop for food according to seasonality.
  • Most of the furniture in our house is second hand.

I am not financially independent yet. But I will be. I want to share my experiences and hopefully provide some knowledge to others who are looking to move into a position where they can work for themselves from anywhere in the world!

About the website

Working From Home

Through the website, I look at various ways that you are able to work from home, including working for yourself (things like creating your own brand, business, website, etc), reskill, and find work (transcribing, freelance or other).

Investing (Earning Passive Income)

I also look at alternate ways of legitimately making money that aren’t shady business practices or rouge horse race bets. I mainly discuss

My current passive income streams include shares, peer-to-peer investing, this blog, and various other smaller items.


I have been interested in sustainability from a very young age. I love to be at home and spend time with the family, fix up the house, or be in the garden.

The house that we live in now has a big backyard with fruit trees and vegetable patches. It is such a great feeling to be able to produce and store your own food, not to mention how much money you could potentially be saving!


Stick around and find out the various ways that you can also make money from home, helping you to achieve your own financial goals. If you are interested in seeing my progress, feel free to check out my portfolio here. I also publish monthly updates here.

For now, sit back, relax, and stay tuned for these articles. If you haven’t done so already, you can also sign up for my monthly newsletter.

/ Matt a.k.a. thewahman