October 2019 Update – Investment Returns

My Returns - September 2019
My returns for September 2019. Bars show the percentage of each platform in my portfolio (blue for last month, orange for this month), green marks show this months return (in %) from the platform.

In September my P2P and Crowdfunding investment profile returned an average of 0.92%. The highest of these returns came from:

  • Kuetzal (+1.64%)
  • Envestio (+1.27%)
  • Bondora (+1.16%).

Quick Summary

The main items that happened this month include:

My Returns This Month – Passive Income 

[visualizer id=”35446″]

This graph shows how my returns were generated this month. Both interest rate and size in my portfolio are taken into consideration here.

[visualizer id=”35423″]

My current crowdlending portfolio distribution.

P2P and Crowdlending

This month saw my profile grow on average by 0.92%, which is much less than last month. This month I didn’t see any “out of the ordinary” returns.

Last month seemed to be an exception, as I earnt 6-month interest payments through Crowdestor, and I also received a few cashback bonuses through Grupeer.

  • Since the start of this year, my P2P and Crowdlending portfolio has returned 9.24%
  • Since the beginning of tracking my portfolio, I have been able to make 14.75%.

I also decided not to invest in everything that was available up through the various P2B platforms – Crowdestor, Envestio, and Monethera.
Reasons include: Not wanting to invest in multiple tiers of the same project & choosing to not invest in something that I am not interested in.  
I am also staying clear of any projects with UK exposure. This includes the recently added Cube Funder Originator on Grupeer.

A note on some of the poorer returns this month – These 3 platforms (RateSetter AU, Reinvest 24 and Crowd Estate) take up ~15% of my portfolio and have only brought in an average of 6% p.a.

Crowd Estate – Out of the 6 projects that I have invested in, 3 are late on their payments. This includes 2 from Baltic Forest OÜ, and one from Tammelehe 4. The reasons for delayed payments include (Baltic Forest) an outbreak of bark beetle destroying Central European forests, and (Tammelehe) extending loans while looking for new financial investors. Regardless of the problems, money has not been returned in the expected time. Both projects say that they are back on track, but only time will tell.

RateSetter Australia – Currently half of my portfolio through RateSetter is sitting in the holding account and not earning interest. With the lending rates in Australia at an all-time low at the moment, the highest percentage I can achieve is 7.8%, with the money tied up for 5 years.
This is the lowest percentage in my whole portfolio!

Reinvest 24 –  Reinvest 24 has also done nothing amazing for my portfolio since I added it 9 months ago. In that time, I have received only 2.4% (works out to 0.26% per month). HOWEVER, Reinvest 24 boasts an average return above 14%, and most of their projects pay out a lump sum once the property is sold.

This month, Tannel and the team sold a property for a combined return of 24.3%. This is an outstanding effort and shows that (1) the platform works, and (2) the team has the skills to successfully find and create opportunities. You can view more about the 24% return on their blog here.
Unfortunately, I was not apart of that one. ☹

I am, however, excited to see how my invested project – Majaka Majaka – goes this month. The project was fully finished since the start of September 2019 and is currently listed on the market for sale.
The value of the property initially was €193,045.
The sale price is listed at €249,000. That would be an increase of 22.5%. Hopefully, there is some good news next month. ?

I also have my finger on the trigger for when some new exciting projects are released through Reinvest24.

If you are interested in trying out Reinvest 24, use this link and you get a bonus €10 upon registration.

I invested in only a handful few loans from the P2B platforms this month. These include:


  • Mafia Stars (12 months, 18% + 14% expected success bonus)
    Global launch of mobile strategy game “Mafia Stars”. The global launch includes user acquisition and marketing.
  • Timberland Investment (12 months, 16% + 5% based on success)
    Company and its subsidiaries plan to acquire large areas of timberland


  • Development of a large dolomite deposit-tier 1 (12 months, 17.5%)
    Financing the development of a large deposit of dolomite in Latvia
  • Vikingu 35 (12 months, 17.5%)
    Financing of acquisition of a land plot and building of premium-class residential houses in Latvia

No new loans were bought from KuetzalCrowd Estate or Reinvest 24.

Other crowdlending platforms such as Mintos, Fast InvestGrupeerRate Setter, and Bondora kept churning away. No news to report.


Agrikaab has completed the final touches on their Galkacyo rain pond this month. Can’t wait to see the investment in action (needless to say no money has been returned yet).

Read more as to why I invested in rain harvesting ponds in Africa here.

Share Portfolio

Nothing new to report. No buys or sells. Just waiting patiently for opportunities to pick up some low hanging fruit!

Cryptocurrency (Journey to 1 free Bitcoin)

I have renamed this section to Journey to 1 free Bitcoin. This month I have decided that I am going to make 1 Bitcoin without doing any “real work”. This means possibly watching an advertisement here or there, playing games that payout cryptocurrency, use the Brave Browser instead of Google Chrome, and invest current cryptocurrency for investment returns. Here is my progress:

Crypto Idle Miner

Crytpo Idle Miner, which is a game that provides real cryptocurrency (HORA Tokens) as a reward.

As of today, my free HORA tokens are worth ~0.00136900 BTC, which equates to even less than last month (~11 USD). There seems to be a trend with these dropping. You can find my Crypto Idle Miner review here


This month I started to play a game called RollerCoin (it’s free). It’s quite addictive and teaches you about cryptocurrency mining. The game has currently paid out a total of 3.41 Bitcoin

How the game works:

  • 3,000 real satoshi (0.00003000 BTC) is released every 5 minutes.
  • Your share of satoshi is based on your power level (hash rate).
  • You earn a higher hash rate for playing mini-games (i.e. flappy bird, memory, space invaders etc) that last < 1 min each
  • To work out your percentage of the block, your power is divided by the power of the whole server (i.e. 106,402 people) and then multiplied by the 3,000 Satoshi.

This game is addictive as it’s easy to reach the top 5% of players (if you have the time). I have been playing for less than a week and am already in the top 1.5% of mining power ?

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn, which provides cryptocurrency for learning (aka watching 2 min video about cryptocurrency) about cryptocurrency has performed well this month. So far, I have made $125 AUD (~65 USD) for learning about crypto (about 20 mins in total). I earned some Ethereum (ETH), Stellar Lumens (XLM), EOS (EOS), Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), and Dai (DAI).

I wrote an in-depth article that you can find here.

Brave Browser

I have been using the Brave Browser now for a month. Read here why I changed to a more secure and rewarding browser.

My crypto journey continues…

Money Savings (previously Side Hustles)

I have renamed this section as to money savers as at the moment my ideas are nowhere near side hustle quality.

The hydroponics setup (in the basement) is going well. I haven’t seen and fruit yet, but this is my first time growing in water, and the plants are looking amazing!

The plants in the garden are now at the end of their life ☹ The frost came and destroyed the Tomato plant! The tomatoes were so close to becoming red as well!

Butternut pumpkin growing in the garden
The Butternut squash pumpkin hiding in the garden.
Tomatoes growing in the garden
Our tomatoes that weren’t planted early enough.

Socials and Traffic

Everything is still continuing up up up! This month was no exception.

  • My twitter followers have increased from 346 to 418.
  • My website sessions have increased by 15%.
  • Pinterest is fairly stagnant – I didn’t even look at the followers this month.


Here is the summary of how my investments turned out this month:

[table id=16 responsive=scroll /]

Thanks again for checking out my update this month! I do encourage you to comment below, and sign up to my newsletter. The newsletter comes out once a month and includes this update and any other articles published during the month.

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  1. Great update as usual Matt,

    I’m also experiencing delays on some of my Crowestate loans. I’m slowly getting rid of them on the secondary market. I’ve sold already some but not all.

    Your monthly returns seem to be increasing month after month according to the first chart, so good job.

    Looking forward to seeing how the crypto games develop.

    I’m sorry about your tomatoes, bloody frost!

    Glad to see your blog is growing, keep it up Matt 🙂


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