September 2018 Update – Investment Returns


My portfolio of investment returns for the month of August 2018 is below.

Investment Type Aug 2018 (Standardised*) Sep 2018 (Standardised) Additional Past Month Return
Money In Money Out
Mintos (EUR) 0.628 0.529 0.000 0.107 1.25%
Mintos (GEL) 0.472 0.574 0.095 0.000 1.56%
Bondora 0.297 0.301 0.000 0.000 1.35%
Grupeer 0.011 0.030 0.019 0.000 1.09%
RateSetter (AU) 0.430 0.434 0.000 0.000 0.87%
US Shares 0.697 0.724 0.000 0.000 3.89%
Free Cash 1.169 1.169 0.000 0.000 0.00%


*All values have been brought back to EUR and have been standardised. The important thing is to not show you how much I am investing per se, rather how much return is possible each month.


This Month:

This month was a very busy month for me, as my wife and I welcomed into this world a little baby girl! As a result, I haven’t had too much time to make any posts.

This month saw the majority of my GEL loans on Mintos be bought back by the loan originator. These loans include all of the Business loans issued by the loan originator BIG (that were earning 18 – 19% ). BIG no longer appears to be on the Mintos platform and I haven’t been able to find any information about that. Currently I am unable to find any loans in GEL that are paying >17%.

In the coming month, I will move the money out of GEL and look to redistribute that into either Grupeer or Bondora.


2 thoughts on “September 2018 Update – Investment Returns”

  1. Hi Matt,
    It’s great to see website like yours. I think all of us would like to do what you do, but making it practical is quite another story.

    I have been investing in P2P for a bit over a year (Mintos; Twino; Bondora). Until recently, the only one I am happy with is Mintos. Mintos – Good buy back and plenty of loans to invest. (Twino- good with buy back, and display platform, bad as too little loan available / Bondora – no buy back)

    Anyway, I would like to know more on how you achieve such a high rate at 15%. I was only able to achieve about 12% return, mainly consist of 30 days loans through primary market. Are you seeing the return coming down recently? Or your secret recipe is still working? 🙂

    Also, you are also engaging in GEL loans, is it because you are from Georgia or is it because you see potential in the market?

    I would love to talk to other people regarding P2P lending, do you know any community?

    Look forward to your future articles!

    • Hi Hank,
      I really appreciate you taking time to comment on the website – I still have a long way to go, so keep coming back!

      I understand your frustration with all the P2P platforms, there are so many platforms with lots of results, features and ways that you can invest. There is nothing wrong with your return of 12%, it sounds like a good return to me, but I agree that it is hard to select loans currently through Mintos.

      Most of the better loans that I had invested in were from a couple of months ago. I have not seen many loans that stand out as good buys over the last couple of months. I try to look for loans that have already had a payment, or multiple payments made, on time. This indicates to me that the borrower knows how the system works and is likely to pay the remainder of the interest. I don’t like to invest in loans shorter than 30 days, as it is hard to determine whether you will get paid back or not. The worst thing would be having to wait 60 days for the loan to be bought back if the borrower has not made any payments!

      I was initially attracted to the high return (17-18%) in GEL loans through Mintos, but I was forced out of my loans as the loan originator “BIG” is not on Mintos anymore. Anyways, the remaining GEL loans don’t really interest me at this stage, so I ended up taking out some money to expand into a few other platforms (currently trying out Crowd Estate, Robo Cash and Envestio). So no, I have no connections to Georgia! My initial expansion into GEL was because of the potential of the market – I worked out that if you held on to GEL loans paying 17-18% for 8-10 months, it would be the same as holding EUR loans paying 14-15% for more than a year.
      I think Mintos generally works in cycles, where you could have months where a loan originator is paying out a large return, and then months where they can get away with only paying out a small return. Mintos is the largest platform with the most loan originators, so it will come back around, it’s just a matter of when.

      I have not had much experience with Twino, however I have dealt a little bit with another European P2P Platform – Grupeer. Most of the loans on Grupeer you can choose between 13% and 15%, with a buyback guarantee. You may also notice though, that there are only development or business loans on offer (currently only ~20 loans at ~€30k each).

      There are a few communities that I have yet to participate in. These include, and doing a search in Reddit.
      It’s nice to see like-minded people out there!



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