June 2019 Update – Investment Returns

The Working At Home Mans Returns during May 2019
My returns for May 2019. Bars show percentage of my portfolio (blue for last month, orange for this month), green marks show percent return from the platform.

In May my P2P and crowdfunding investment profile returned an average of 0.91%. These highest of these returns came from:

  • Envestio (+1.5%)
  • Bondora (+1.17%)
  • Fast Invest (+1.14%).

Quick Summary

The main items that happened this month include:

Passive Income

Mintos, Crowdestor, Bondora, Grupeer, Fast Invest, Reinvest24

Passive returns are steadily coming in from Mintos, Crowdestor, Bondora, Grupeer, Fast Invest or Reinvest24 this month. No money has been added or withdrawn.


Yet again, Envestio is providing me with the biggest returns this month. From those returns, I was able to invest in a couple of new projects, including:

  • Production of wood pallets – trade financing 5 (8 months, 16.30%)
    Trade financing/factoring for the purchase of raw timber for the production process.
  • 2xS15 40ft Mining Units (8 months, 19.30%)
    The financing production process of 2 crypto-mining units built on a base of Bitmain Atminer S15 28TH.
  • Financing of opening a mixed hotel/hostel project in Old Riga (12 months, 19%)
    Finalizing of hotel/hostel furnishing, including the purchase of furniture and necessary equipment.

Crowd Estate

With Crowd Estate this month, I invested in

  • Estera Development Holding (36 months, 19% p.a.)
    The aim of this Project is to allow the Sponsor to partly restructure its current capital structure and to provide financing for preparing its Latvian development land holdings for construction of apartments.


This month I took the plunge and invested in Kuetzal. I invested in:

  • Row-House in Marupe (12 months, 21%p.a.)
    SIA “ALPA Būve” is developing and constructing 4-section Row-House in one of the most actively developing neighbourhood of Riga – Marupe. The loan is protected with an investment buyback active.

For those that are thinking about investing through Kuetzal (paying up to 21%), I was also able to obtain a “The Working At Home Man” exclusive deal.

By using this link and code WAHMAN in the registration form, you will receive a bonus €15 and 0.5% extra on your investments.

Kuetzal is also running a CASHBACKMARATHON until 31 August 2019. Cashback will be determined by the amount you invest:

  • 1% when you invest €1,000 to €4,999€
  • 1.5% when you invest €5,000 to €9,999
  • 2% when you invest €10,000 to €24,999
  • 2.5% when you invest €25,000 to €49,999
  • 3% when you invest >€50,000

You are allowed to combine all of the deals above, making the return for your first year in the platform ~25%.

Water Investment In Africa

As you may have seen, this month, I have started investing in Agrikaab (my review can be found here), who invite people to invest in camels, water, greenhouses and agriculture shops throughout Africa. Investors will receive a return for their investment (ranging from 10%-60%).

I have invested in rain harvesting ponds in Africa. The reason is that the country faces a lot of droughts, and agriculture is necessary for survival. Agriculture represents 75% of Somalia’s economy and it is the most important industry in the country. However, the number one challenge with agriculture in Somalia is obtaining water.

You can find my article here.

Share Portfolio

My US share portfolio went down by nearly the same amount it went up last month (-8.90%). Generally, markets are a bit scared at the moment, and I think it’s due to the US – China Trade war, and also the EU elections and Brexit. Once the results of both of these are a little more known, I will look at investing in some low-cost index funds.


So, my egg carton garden is not doing amazing. Unfortunately, the majority of plants haven’t even sprouted. It means that I will just have to try again. In good news though, the lettuces and various other vegetables planted in the ground are doing really well!

Here are some photos:

The Working At Home Mans seedlings May
Capsicum plants struggling to grow
The Working At Home Mans carton seedlings May
The growth of the plants since last update. Not so much happening. At least something is green?
The Working At Home Man's garden vegetable patch
Starting to get some results from our lettuce, spinach, radish carrot and beetroot plants!

Socials and Traffic

The traffic to the website has increased a fair bit in the last few months. I think it’s mainly because I have actively been trying to be part of the FIRE (Financially Independent, Retire Early) community. As a result of making a few new friends, and commenting on others updates and blogs, I am seeing more visitors to my site. ?

Twitter is my biggest source of social influence at the moment. I now have 150 followers. In the coming months, I will try and boost that.

This Month I started to use Pinterest. I haven’t spent too much time working out what I’m doing, but I will hopefully work it out by next update!

My Facebook has a couple of likes here and there, but like Pinterest, I haven’t been spending too much time on that one.


Here is the summary of how my investments turned out this month:

[table id=11 responsive=scroll /]

Thanks for checking out my update this month. I do encourage you to comment below and also sign up to my newsletter. The newsletter comes out once a month and includes this update and any other articles published in the month.

6 thoughts on “June 2019 Update – Investment Returns”

  1. It’s great to see those vegetables growing in the ground. We always try to buy organic food but man there’s nothing like growing your own food. It reminds me my childhood, when both of my grandparents had a small farm and brought fresh vegetables on the table.

    Glad to see that your blog is picking up, keep up the good work;)

    • Hi Tony,
      This is just the first year that my wife and I have been in the house. This time next year, we are hoping to have the vegetable patch 3 times as big!

  2. Hi Matt,
    Great update and nice to see your garden taking off a bit 🙂

    Awesome that you also started with Agrikaab! I really love what they are doing and really hope their plans succeed!

    I will check out your review on them tomorrow, have to get some sleep now 🙂

    • Hi Janneke,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      In Sweden, we’re getting such long days at the moment, that I expect those salads to grow quite big. Thing is, we eat them as quickly as they grow!
      Agrikaab looks and feels like such a great platform. Some of the work they do looks like it really makes a difference.
      I did only start by investing in their water ponds, however, it would be nice to have a camel as well (especially now I know we can name them)!

  3. Really interesting post and congrats on building this portfolio!

    Is it hard to keep track of these investments on so many platforms? I think I counted 11. 🙂

    Followup question, how do you choose how to allocate new funds between all of these different platforms?

    • Hi Nate,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      It’s not too hard to keep track of the investments as a lot of the platforms offer automatic reinvestment tools. The others generally don’t have more than one investment in a week – and for those, I receive emails updates!
      Allocating funds is a bit of a harder question. As I am invested in so many platforms, I am able to see how they are all working (i.e. defaults, platform support, and various other things). I generally try and keep diversification amongst the groups, however, dabble in any new bigger projects that take my fancy. Some of the platforms often miss timely payments (i.e. Bondora and Mintos), and as a result, I am not reinvesting into them so much. After the collapse of Lendy, I think we are all a bit cautious at the moment.


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