July 2019 Update – Investment Returns

The Working At Home Man's June 2019 Returns. More can be found on thewahman.com
My returns for June 2019. Bars show percentage of my portfolio (blue for last month, orange for this month), green marks show percent return from the platform

In June my P2P and Crowdfunding investment profile returned an average of 1.12%. These highest of these returns came from:

  • Envestio (+1.48%)
  • Crowdestor (+1.46%)
  • Kuetzal (+1.40%).

Quick Summary

The main items that happened this month include:

Passive Income


This month saw Mintos release Invest & Access – their newest auto investment tool. This tool will automatically invest in loans:

  • with a rating of A+ to C-
  • that have buyback guarantees available
  • from originators with >6 months experience on the platform
  • without you having to set filters or settings

The best part? You are able to cash-out up to date loans at any time. Another benefit is that loans are rebalanced daily, to keep you diversified. If you are interested in finding out more, have a look at my review here.

In terms of my investments through Mintos, I have moved all of my loans into Invest & Access, and have started to move some of my GEL currency as well. In the future, I will only be using the Invest & Access tool.


This month, Crowdestor was one of my highest passive income earners! The higher than usual income is from first interest payments for projects invested in earlier in the year. This month specifically saw interest payments from the Inch2 investment I made in April.  

This month I invested in only one project:

  • Renovation of dwelling house in the heart of Riga (12 months, 21%)
    Development loan for 26 small apartments 7 minutes walk from Old Town of Riga.

Bondora, Fast Invest, Crowd Estate, Grupeer

Passive income is steadily coming in from Bondora, Fast Invest, Crowd Estate and Grupeer. All of these have reinvestment settings enabled (excl. Crowd Estate), meaning that I don’t have to go into the platforms that often. They generally keep to themselves


I still haven’t received any interest from Reinvest24. They say that my first payout will come in July, so keep an eye out for that!


Envestio had no new projects enter the market this month.
Envestio plans to introduce a big partner within the coming weeks, which should increase loan availability substantially. There has already been at least one project released in July.


I received my first interest from Kuetzal from my invested project last month. Everything seems to be tracking nicely.

However, I had a good reminder of the importance of running due diligence checks when selecting loans to invest in. I noticed that there is a project for a High-end Row-House in Marupe, being developed by SIA “AA Development” (Company registration number: 50203084911). A quick search for the company registration shows that there is no VAT data, and the company deals with the wholesale of computers and software. I am not saying there is anything wrong here, but if you were interested in this specific project, I would definitely find out more about AA Development.

In general, it is wise to dig deeper into the information about the loan requesters (where possible). There is always more than what you see on the screen.

By using this link and code WAHMAN in the registration form, you will receive a bonus €15 and 0.5% extra on your investments. Kuetzal is also running a CASHBACKMARATHON until 31 August 2019. Playing your investments with Kuetzal wisely could see you earning up to 25% on your first year of investing. See the calculations here.


Agrikaab has announced that they are starting the construction of the Farm Pond next month. The pond can hold up to 10 million litres of water and will supply local communities and farms. Returns will vary between 10%-20% a year. Read more as to why I invested with Agrikaab here.

Share Portfolio

My shares went up at approximately the same rate as the general market increased. I haven’t invested anything this month as the market is so high right now. I’m just saving money, waiting for the right time.

Is this the top, or will the market continue higher for the next 12 months?

“Be Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

– Warren Buffett


This month I started to play Crytpo Idle Miner, which is a game that provides real cryptocurrency (HORA Tokens) as a reward. It’s still early days, but my tokens are currently worth between 10 and 15 USD. Check out my review if you are interested!

Soon I will look into airdrops to see if there are extra ways to earn free cryptocurrency.


Once you start growing vegetables, salads and edible foods outside, it’s hard to stop. I haven’t had to pay for lettuce for the last month now, and it looks like I won’t have to pay again for the coming months. Take a look at the growth of our lettuce patch over the last month:

The Working At Home Mans Garden July 2019. A mix of lettuces, spinach and kale.
One of the garden patches July 2019. A mix of ready to eat lettuces, old spinach, and half-alive kale.

Recently I have had my interest sparked for indoor hydroponic systems. Once Winter starts, I will look more into what we can grow inside!

Socials and Traffic

Everything is continuing on its upward trajectory:

  • My twitter followers have increased from 150 last month to just over 200.
  • My website sessions have increased 27% from last month.
  • Pinterest is gaining a bit of traction ~14 followers.

These stats aren’t much at the moment as I am (and will be for a while), setting these things up.


Here is the summary of how my investments turned out this month:

[table id=12 responsive=scroll /]

Thanks for checking out my update this month. I do encourage you to comment below and also sign up to my newsletter. The newsletter comes out once a month and includes this update and any other articles published in the month.

3 thoughts on “July 2019 Update – Investment Returns”

  1. Heyy Matt!

    I just wanted to pop in and say great job in having a well balanced portfolio!

    I wonder if I have ever asked you this already, but did you also have other investments than P2P? Do you have your wealth split somewhere?

    I’m just thinking how diversified you are.

    I don’t expect stocks to perform better in the short run compared to P2P, but there will be a time one of these years when it might be a great idea to swing away from P2P and into stocks more.

    Anyhow, if you can continue to get >1% monthly on your investments, you’ll be FI in no time.

    Great work!

    • Hi Eelis!

      Thanks for checking in, I see that your mix is also a good balance as well!

      In my whole investment portfolio, I have close to 10-15% in P2P and Crowdfunding, and the rest in shares, mainly from the ASX. When I have a bit of time I will add them all up here, and make it into a clearer picture. Hopefully, people don’t think that I have it all invested in P2P.

      I find it hard to track sharemarket investments on the website, as they are not a “locked-in” gain. So, this month they could be up 10% this month, then down 20% on the next, etc. It would be very hard for someone else to replicate. Especially when everyone would purchase the shares at different prices. However, with P2P and Crowdlending, people can earn similar returns from the same platforms. Then there is also the consistency of returns as well.

      I agree with you on the short term outlook. I think the market is so high at the moment, that it could drop significantly anytime soon. It will be interesting to see how it affects things like P2P and Crowdlending. I don’t think we would see an instant effect as they operate in different ways, but I’m sure we will find out once it happens.

      Once the market does do a big drop (I’m talking about negative returns for a year or so), I will start looking to move money back into there. By that stage, it may be harder to get the returns we are achieving today through P2P. More regulation, more investors, smaller returns etc.

      One thing I do love about the sharemarket through is the tax efficiencies – in Australia we had franked dividends, in Sweden there is the ISK Account. Both of these save a bit come tax time.



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