August 2019 Update – Investment Returns

July Returns.
My returns for July 2019. Bars show percentage of my portfolio (blue for last month, orange for this month), green marks show percent return from the platform

In July my P2P and Crowdfunding investment profile returned an average of 1.29%. These highest of these returns came from:

  • Kuetzal (+2.07%)
  • Crowdestor (+1.62%)
  • Bondora (+1.36%).

Quick Summary

The main items that happened this month include:

Passive Income

P2P and Crowdlending


There was nothing exciting that happened investment-wise this month in Mintos. I moved some money from my GEL account into my EUR “set and forget” invest and access tool.

The tool says that my average interest rate is just over 11%, with 83% of my loans being current.


This month some projects were released in Envestio. The first project that was released actually crashed the website for a few minutes. I guess people were interested in getting on board? However, I was lucky to be able to invest in one of the projects:

  • Financing the construction of Briana 4 residential (12 months, 18%)
    Financing of reconstruction and building a premium real estate project in Riga, Latvia

This month, Envestio also announced the introduction of their auto-investment tool. The new tool means that investors won’t miss out when new loans become available. Read more about the pros and cons here.


This month I released my review of Crowdestor. In there I explain why it is currently my favourite platform to invest in. Yet again, Crowdestor was one of my highest passive income earners! The higher than usual income is from first interest payments for projects invested in earlier in the year. Its good to finally see the returns piling in. This month I invested in: 

  • Sweet Dreams Samloem Resort (18 months, 19.5%)
    Significant enhancement and operation of the successful Cambodian resort – Sweet Dreams Samloem.
  • Renovation of a historic apartment building on Miera Street (9 months, 19.5%)
    Purchase and renovation of the property to fill the demand for small and mid-sized apartments.
  • Industrial business centre Tvaikonis (24 months, 20.7%)
    Purchase and development of a historical industrial zone (6200 m2) to meet the demand for a lease of warehouses, commercial premises and office spaces.


Kuetzal brought in my biggest return this month, bringing in over 2%! Unfortunately, that won’t happen often, as it was more of accounting issues, rather than actual returns. What happened was that one of the payments was scheduled to be paid out on the 31st, however, this was a weekend. Therefore, the money was paid out on Monday, which was actually the first of a new month. As I record my investments in the month I was paid (not the date I should have been paid on), it ended up in the month after.

Really, the platform should have returned 1.75% for both June and July, however, I reported returns of 1.4% and 2.07% respectively.

This is the last month you can receive a bonus €15 and 0.5% extra on your investments by using the WAHMAN code with the referral link.
It is also the last month that you can make use of the Kuetzal CASHBACKMARATHON. Playing your investments with Kuetzal wisely could see you earning up to 25% on your first year of investing. See the calculations here.


This month I received my first interest payment from Reinvest24!
I have been waiting for that for nearly 6 months now! Unfortunately, the amount that I received wasn’t very much, however, it was comparable to my other Real Estate Crowdlending platform returns from Crowd Estate.

Bondora, Fast Invest, Crowd Estate, Grupeer

Passive income is steadily coming in from BondoraFast Invest, Crowd Estate and Grupeer. All of these have reinvestment settings enabled (excl. Crowd Estate), meaning that I don’t have to go into the platforms that often. They generally keep to themselves


This month Agrikaab announced that they have tested the ground for where they were expecting to build the new farm pond, but have decided that the ground has too many rocks.

New surveys are being undertaken and a new area will be decided on later in the month. Construction materials from the pond and the fencing are scheduled to arrive within the coming weeks. Read more as to why I invested in rain harvesting ponds in Africa here.

Share Portfolio

My shares went up at approximately the same rate as the general market increased. I haven’t invested anything this month as the market is so high right now. I’m just saving money, waiting for the right time. I said this last month, and I will keep saying this, hopefully as a reminder.

 “Be Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

– Warren Buffett


I am still playing Crytpo Idle Miner, which is a game that provides real cryptocurrency (HORA Tokens) as a reward. My free HORA tokens are worth an est. 0.00228 BTC now (equal to about 23 USD). That is an increase of 42% from last month!! Let’s see if I can keep that going. Can I make it to 1 BTC?

Assuming the price of BTC stays the same, it would take me between 47 and 48 months of 42% (monthly compounding) to reach 1 BTC.
Check out my review if you are interested!

Other Side Hustles

Hydroponics. I don’t know if this is a side hustle or not, but it is a way of saving money, and being more frugal! Hopefully, I can make some side money off it later on.

As you may have read in earlier updates, I had some issues with being too frugal when watering my plants (see my update here). I figure that I am just unable to water plants correctly. The solution to that? Hydroponics. This month I started a hydroponic setup with tomatoes, capsicum, spinach and some chilli plants. I will keep you updated to how it progresses!

Socials and Traffic

Everything is continuing up up up:

  • My twitter followers have increased from 200 last month to 287.
  • My website sessions have increased another 20% from last month.
  • Pinterest is gaining a bit of traction ~15 followers.

These stats aren’t much at the moment as I am (and will be for a while), setting these things up.


Here is the summary of how my investments turned out this month:

[table id=14 responsive=scroll /]

Thanks for checking out my update this month. I do encourage you to comment below and also sign up to my newsletter. The newsletter comes out once a month and includes this update and any other articles published in the month.

6 thoughts on “August 2019 Update – Investment Returns”

  1. Hey Matt,

    Glad to see things are running fine for you so far. I am also playing the Crytpo Idle Miner, I started it cos FI Mom shared it on Twitter a while ago. I don’t put much effort on it though. I have earned some HORA tokens but I don’t know what the real equivalence in Euros or USD is. Do you use TronWallet to withdraw Horas from the game?

    • Hi Tony!
      Thanks for the comment. I haven’t actually brought any tokens out of the game yet, but I will once I download TronLink. I think when I did the calculation it was roughly 0.0005 USD per HORA token – I was able to accrue a fair few tokens early on in the game before the player base became fairly large!

  2. New blog to follow!
    That crypto idle miner is something I have to check up. I’m very interested about crypto markets and blockchain tech. I even wrote a post about cryptos and their potential in future.

    • Hi FN!
      Thanks for stopping by!
      When I have a bit more time, I really want to look into airdrops. Just trying to accumulate all of the free cryptocurrency out there!

    • Hi Janis,
      Thanks for the comment and for stopping by. What a good question! I should write an article about that.
      I don’t show numbers mainly for security reasons. I believe that just providing earnings from a crowdlending platform doesn’t really provide a clear picture to the readers. I would need to show my entire finances (income, expenses, earnings etc) to provide context. At this stage, I am not ready to do that.
      It may change in the future, but not over the next few years.


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