2018 Summary of Returns

I have only started tracking my investments from August 2018, so I do not have a full years worth of data. However, we can take a look at the returns that I made from the 5 months that were recorded! All in all I achieved an average return of 1.09% per month. That equates to just over 13% per year. Over the 5 months, I outperformed my own share portfolio by 0.09%, and I beat the S&P 500 by 11.56%. I am very happy with that.

I do expect the return to be greater in 2019, as this month I was starting out with a few new platforms,

Combined Interest From All Months

This graph provides the stacked returns that I have made (per month) through each of the Investment platforms that I invest in (MintosBondoraGrupeerRate Setter (AU)EnvestioCrowd EstateRobo Cash and Fast Invest). Each month is marked in a separate colour, and the total investment can be seen on the bottom axis. The average investment return has also been included. Click on the graph to see more details.

Please note: After 2018, I stopped investing in, and recording results from Robo Cash.

Monthly Returns Among P2P Platforms

This graph is similar to the above, but shows the data in a different way. This graph makes it clear how each investment is performing each month. From this graph, I can plot averages and make trend lines to estimate future returns.

Shares vs P2P

This graph shows how my average P2P returns have compared to the S&P 500. As you can see from the graph, in 5 months my P2P returns out earned the S&P 500 by over 11%. I have also included the average returns of my share portfolio here as well. The P2P returns are shown on the solid line, and the returns from both the S&P 500 and my share portfolio are in the broken line. Month is on the bottom axis and % return is on the side. Click on the graph to see more details.

Raw Data for 2018

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Monthly Updates

You can find each of my monthly updates for 2018 below:

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