February 2019 Update – Investment Returns

February 2019 Update – Investment Returns

January 2019:

This past month has been busy with extended holidays over the Christmas break, however I have still managed to make some time to update the website, and invest in new platforms.

As you can see from the graph at the top of this page, I have diversified my portfolio a fist bit this month. This month my highest returns were through Envestio (1.55%), Bondora (1.50%) and Grupeer (1.43%).

My lowest returns were through Crowd Estate (0.41%), however I am not worried. A lot of the investments through Crowd Estate only pay out interest at the end of the loan period.

I have also stopped tracking Robo.Cash as I am fairly unhappy overall with that platform. Basically I am not happy with the 12% return restrictions, or that 30% of my invested loans have become overdue. Once the remaining money has come into my account, I will withdraw that, and close the account.

Also this month, I invested in two new crowd lending platforms – Crowdestor and Reinvest24 (hence why there are no return percentages for them). Here is a little rundown on each of them:

Crowdestor – Crowdestor allows for investments directly in real estate and business projects, through either

  • Classic crowdfunding – raising capital for business from multiple investors by giving pledges or collateral on it.
  • Equity crowdfunding – way of raising capital for business from multiple investors by selling parts of equity off.

Past investments through Crowdestor have been offered between 12% and 19.5%.

Reinvest24 –     Reinvest24 allows investors to purchase shares of residential or commercial Real Estate collectively with other investors and earn profit from rent and capital growth combined.

The past average return is 14.6%, which is made up of net yield and capital growth.

Tracking of returns for both Crowdestor and Reinvest24 will commence next month.

Here is the summary of how my investments turned out this month.

[table id=5 responsive=scroll /]

*All values have been brought back to EUR and have been standardised. The important thing is to not show you how much I am investing per se, rather how much return is possible each month.

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