Why Use SiteGround? 10 Smart Reasons

In these times, your website stands as the face of your business. It’s crucial to get a reliable web hosting platform that will help you drive visitors and eventually revenue. With the many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose one to work out the best for you. Fortunately, you have SiteGround standing among the others.

SiteGround has more than a decade of experience on its back since it started in 2004. Its primary services include shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and reseller hosting. Today, it’s now known as one of the largest independently owned hosting companies. Headquartered in Bulgaria, it also has offices in the US, UK, and Spain, with six data center locations worldwide. SiteGround has over 600 employees and hosts more than 2 million domains.

Find out why you should use SiteGround and why it’s our top pick for you and your business.

10 Smart Reasons Why You Should Use SiteGround

1.   Popularity

SiteGround is recognized as a top hosting provider and is highly recommended by the likes of WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems. As of 2021, WordPress has 28+ Million Live Websites. Aside from that, SiteGround is also known for its excellent customer support, high and reliable uptime performance, and flexible hosting plans.

2.   Speed

When it comes to customer service, the faster, the better. Speed is indeed the name of the game. If your site has a slow load time, chances are your visitors will want to hop on the following website, and you lose your revenue just like that. With that said, speed really boils down to conversion and user experience.

Google says that the recommended page load time is under 3 seconds. On reviews, SiteGround has an above-average load time of 491 to 716 milliseconds and furthers on with technology to develop speed boosters. Its infrastructure is hosted over Google Cloud, known as one of the fastest platforms. All plans offered can make use of their Supercacher performance booster, their own speed-enhancing software. If you go a little higher for a GrowBig and GoGeek Plan, you can also take advantage of the Ultrafast PHP setup, which gives you 30% more speed.

If your host is giving you less than this, you may be doing your competitor a favor.

3.   Price

Though not the cheapest, SiteGround comes at an affordable and reasonable price without cutting off on quality. The StartUp Plan is their entry plan and starts at $14.99 and starts with one website, 10GB of storage, and can also handle network traffic of 10,000 visitors a month. You also get web support and privacy with free SSL certificates and Cloudflare. Aside from this, they also offer the GrowBig Plan at $24.99 and the GoGeek at $39.99 with additional features and resources, including more extensive storage from 20GB to 40GB, on-demand backup copies, and ultrafast PHP. All plans, however, offer free daily backups and restorations.

4.   Ease of Use

SiteGround’s interface is delightfully user-friendly, and you will find that everything from installing SSL certificates to doing backups is in their panel designed with clear tab names and drag and drop features like ‘Security,’ ‘WordPress, ‘Speed’. Whether you have little knowledge or an experienced person, you will find ease in navigating these. You can choose their WordPress plugin to see a walkthrough on building your site, from choosing themes to getting everything set up for beginners.

5.   Website Uptime

Every time your website goes down, you lose potential clients and even current ones. Even a short downtime can put a significant dent in your finances. SiteGround is serious about uptime as they give you a 99.99% uptime guarantee. How serious are they? Well, let’s say that if they ever go below that, they’ll pay you back with some months of free hosting. And as SiteGround does real-time tracking, you might not get to request that refund at all. This means that server problems get detected and fixed immediately. With an almost perfect uptime performance, you are sure that your website will be running round the clock.

6.   Helpdesk

While SiteGround makes sure that you’ll run into few issues, if not none at all, it’s best to know that whenever you have a problem, they have a customer service helpdesk available 24/7. You are guaranteed to have someone on the other line pick up on your call, answer your chat, or work on your ticket, whether it’s in the early hours of the morning or in the wee hours of the night. They also have tutorials for users to have a knowledge base and reference.

It’s not just any customer support as well but quality customer support. Read this review from a real customer, “SG really do practice web hosting as their craft, and their customer service team is truly outstanding (and we’ve had to make it work with other hosting companies and wanted to rip our hair out). SG just makes everything super easy.”

7.   Setup Simplicity

Setting up your website in SiteGround is fast, easy, and, most of all, simple. From choosing a domain name, migrating an existing site, even setting up your SSL certificate, you’ll find that most of what you’ll go through is just a click of a button away. Taking out the complications and with user-friendly features, creating a website only takes you three significant steps to complete. This includes setting up your domain name, creating or migrating your site, and adding extra features. SiteGround also has a tutorial page to guide you through the process step by step.

8.   SiteGround Reviews

Overall the platform has close to 9,000 trustpilot reviews, with an average rating of 4.7/5. Reviews show a positive conclusion on SiteGround even after looking at its advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a quick summary:


  • Fast servers – With their infrastructure hosted over Google Cloud, SiteGround servers are highly optimized for speed.
  • Daily Backups – All plans offer automatic daily backups and restorations.
  • Superb customer service – SiteGround is highly known for its 24/7 customer support coupled with professional customer service available over the phone, call, or chat.
  • Easy to use – With an intuitive design, you’ll find that SiteGround tools and features are user-friendly and simply integrated.
  • Site Migration – Unlike other hosting platforms, SiteGround has free tools for easy migration.
  • Free CDN and SSL – SiteGround offers a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt and an instant setup of Cloudfare’s CDN, one of the best firewall services in the market.


  • Limited storage – While some hosting platforms offer unlimited storage, SiteGround has a designated limit for each plan. This could generally be a good thing, though, as you’ll be assured that monitoring is scalable.
  • Price – Although its offered prices generally offer an excellent price-to-quality ratio, you’ll find that it isn’t the cheapest among other hosting platforms, especially once the renewal fees kick in.

9. Daily Backups

SiteGround offers free daily backup on all hosting plans. You can also restore an old version of your site, whether the whole website or just some parts of it that you like. All it takes is just one click. Aside from your free daily automated system backups, you also get 30 automatic backup copies of your site. On top of that, you can schedule on-demand backups if you are on a GrowBig and GoGeek Plan. Now, you can relax for any unexpected thing that may happen.

10. SiteGround Only Takes Three Steps To Set Up

To set up a website, you only need to go through three significant steps. After choosing a hosting plan, you’ll need to go to the ‘Add New Website’ page for the website creation process. This is where the first step begins in setting up a site. The first is getting a domain name that either means a new one, an existing one, or a temporary domain name. The second step is whether you’d like to create a brand new site or migrate your current website to SiteGround. Lastly, add extra services and features to your site as the last step in this process. They even provide helpful videos for how to setup your website:

To Sum Up

Suppose you are an online store or a professional blogger looking for a managed hosting platform that can deliver high-performance solutions like good quality or support, especially if you already have a website running on WordPress. In that case, we highly recommend SiteGround for you.

Be part of the thousand website owners trusting SiteGround and create your account here. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a great cloud hosting platform at a reasonable cost, check out our review on Cloudways.

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