Reinvest in Mintos – How to Filter out Unwanted Loans

I have just shown you how you can have investment returns of over 15% by investing in Minos a peer to peer (p2p) investing marketplace (see here if you missed it). Now I will show you how you can use those earnings to reinvest in Mintos.

There are 2 ways of re-investing your earnings on the Mintos platform. One is through active management, and the other is through passive. Let me describe each of these in a bit more detail:

Active management of your Mintos P2P account involves logging into your account every couple of days to reinvest money into loans of your choosing.

Passive management of your Mintos P2P account involves you using the re-investment feature on your account. The reinvestment feature can automatically reinvest payments received payments from a loan, according to reinvestment settings that you select.

Here are some pros and cons of using each of the methods above

Active Management 

  • You can choose loans that have been proven to be paid on time
  • You have to long in weekly (or more often)
  • Selecting loans can be time consuming


Passive Management

  • You don’t have to log in every week
  • You don’t have to sort through thousands of loans
  • A balanced portfolio can be generated automatically
  • You don’t get to select which loans you invest in. Some may have not received money, others may have been paid late.


I use active management to manage my account, as I like to choose high quality loans myself (compared to passive management where the loans are chosen for me). I believe that by looking for very specific loans, you can maximise your reinvestment and reduce any chance of “default” (although I make sure that I reinvest using buyback guarantees). See here for my method of selecting loans.

Lets have a look at what options you can use when reinvesting in loans on Mintos.

Filtering Options on the Mintos P2P Platform

When you log into Mintos you can see pages and pages of loans that need to be filled. When I look just now, I can see that there are 117,000 loans in the current market. That is way too many to filter through each time you want to reinvest. Let’s take a look at ways of ways of reducing the list using the filters. Here is a short explanation on each of the filters:

Currency – lets you see loans based on the different currencies that Mintos has on offer. You can only invest in the currencies that you have in your wallet.

Loan Type – lets you select which type of loans you would like to invest in (i.e. Agricultural Loans, Business Loans, Car Loans, Invoice Financing, Mortgage Loan, Pawnbroking Loan, Personal Loan or Short-Term Loan).

Country – lets you select which country you would like to invest in.

Loan Originator – lets you select which loan originator you would like to use.

Buyback Guarantee – lets you select if you want to only see loans with a buyback guarantee. Buyback guarantees are issued by the loan originator, and confirm that the loan originator will repurchase the loan if a payment has not been received within 60 days. The loan will be purchased automatically at the nominal value of outstanding principal, plus accrued interest.

Status – lets you filter loans based on whether the loan payments are on time or late. Options include Current (on-time), Grace Period (not late), 1-15 days late, 16-30 days late, 31-60 days late, and 60+ days late.

Investment Structure – lets you choose between loans with an direct or indirect structure. This filter only comes into play if the loan originator was to go bankrupt. Most of the time investments will be made through the direct structure (i.e. assigning loans to investors), implying that if a loan originator was to go bankrupt, you could claim against the borrower. An indirect investment means that you would have to claim against the loan originator.

Amortization Method – lets you select how amortization is paid. Amortization is a way of spreading out the loan into monthly payments. Mintos lets you select loans based on full amortization (paid off in monthly instalments), Partial (paid off in big instalments near the end of the loan period), interest-only or bullet (all interest is paid at the end period).

Issue Date – when the loan was issued to the borrower.

Listing Date – when the loan was listed on Mintos.

*Issue date is separate to listing date, as the initial loan agreement issued by the loan originator may have started months before listing on the Mintos platform.

Amount Available for Investment – lets you enter an amount that is available for investment.

Initial LTV – The initial Loan-to-Value ratio when the loan was first initiated. Represents the percentage of the loan against the underlying asset the borrower attached to the loan.

LTV – Loan-to-Value ratio. The percentage of the loan against to the underlying asset the borrower attached to the loan.

Loan ID – Lets you search for a specific Loan using the loans ID-tag

My Investments – Lets you toggle whether you see your investments show up in the list or not. Mentos will always indicate if you have


Which re-investment setting in Mintos is right for me? 

Let me ask you a question – how much time do you have, and do you care about your investment returns?

Passive Management can be a good time-saver, but could invest in loans that you are not happy with. Active management is good to select loans that have a higher chance of being paid back, but take more time to manage.

I use active management to re-invest my money on Mintos as I want to make sure that I get paid constantly and on time. Have a look here at how I choose which loans to invest in.


If you use this Mintos link to sign up to Mintos, you will receive 1% bonus on your average daily invested amount within the first 90 days of registering!

Please note: Before investing in anything do your own due diligence and research. Nothing in this article is financial advice. Just one man trying to share his working and investing experiences!




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