9 Beginner Investing Mistakes To Avoid

Learning from failure when investing as a beginner

Here are 9 beginner investing mistakes to avoid at all costs. No one wants to loose money, so make sure your aware of what can possibly go wrong!

3 Different Ways Of Investing In Real Estate

3 Different methods of Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing offers passive income and high long-term returns if done correctly. Here we show you 3 different ways of investing in real estate.

How to Invest in Solar Energy

Solar panels, investing in solar energy

The push to invest in renewable solar energy is getting stronger each year. Here we provide methods for investing in 3 types of solar energy.

What is Commercial Litigation Funding?

Court hammer litigation funding

Are you interested in another source of passive income totally independent from real estate or the share market. Come and check out litigation funding!

My Sun Exchange Review 2023

The Sun Exchange Homepage Image

The Sun Exchange is the world’s first solar micro-leasing platform, allowing you to generate passive income from clean energy. My Sun Exchange Review.

Reinvest24 Review 2023 Real Estate Crowdfunding

Reinvest24 Header

If you want to invest in real estate, but don’t have the initial capital, you could look into fractional real estate crowdfunding. Here is my Reinvest24 Review.