What are Money Blocks?

Do you want more money but find it hard to get? 

Do you desire abundance but find that most of your life has been spent in lack?

Are you after a financially free life, but find that you’re always deep in debt?

Do you yearn for vacation time with your loving family but always seem to come up short?

If any of these questions apply to you, you should read on to determine what are money blocks and how you can overcome them.

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Money is great; it’s fun to get, it’s easy to love, and you can have a great time spending it.

It’s also easy to love the exchange of money. You get something that you want or need, in exchange for a benefit of a business or other type of producer.

You spending money creates jobs and work within factories and local businesses around the world.

But, many people get financial anxiety as they don’t have the fortunes they desire.

Many people believe they are somehow being punished for something that have done wrong.

Possibly your small net worth was the result of failing made by past generations. Something that has now fallen into your lap.

Thoughts and beliefs about money

What are your thoughts and beliefs in relation to money?

Since thoughts are creative in nature, you can start to see the connection between what you thought about money and how much of it you have. 

You have many thoughts of wanting more money and that was precisely what you will get; more wanting for money.

You may also discover that deep down you have some limiting beliefs which made you think that money is dirty. Something only obtained by rich people who were manipulative self-absorbed schemers.

If you thought of a potential partner or a new job like this you certainly wouldn’t get either. As your true feelings for them would be revealed in what you said, how you said it, and your actions. All of which would be quite obvious to an outsider.

So, is your desire to have more money in conflict with the negative beliefs and thoughts that you had held about it?

Subconscious money blocks

Below are some examples of events that are easily stuck in our memories, along with some potential beliefs they leave in their wake. See if any of these common money blocks resonate with you:

  • Did you hear tales of how others shared their bodies to get money for their families or even for drugs?
    You therefore may carry a sleazy association about money.
  • Were you the witness to emotional manipulations others performed on their so-called lovers to gain additional avenues of income?
    Consequently then you may see money as a means to control and deceive.
  • Have you observed guilt laid upon others when they received medical care and necessities from a caretaker?
    As a result you likely see money as an anchoring burden placed upon another.
  • Maybe you saw other people seeking money from rich partners, with obvious hopes of them being their golden-ticket out of their own poverty?
    For that reason you may see money as something that blinds a person of priorities and their own personal sense of accomplishment.
  • Did you witness money being stolen from others, only to be lost on other consumable items?
    Accordingly you may hold a deep rooted distrust towards money.
  • Have you had someone buy you something, not out of kindness or generosity, but as part of a system you wanted no part of, and now believe how dirty money can be?

If any of the above beliefs or similar ring true for you why would money ever come to you?

Your deepest thoughts about it are for it to stay away as it’s a twisted, guilt ridden, and manipulative monster.

What are your money road blocks?

Really examine the questions, “What do I think about money?” and “What are my beliefs about money?” At first this will likely feel like a trick question and you may even give a knee-jerk response such as: “I love it” or “I want more of it.”

But wanting something and contemplating what it means to you are two different things.

What you will notice

You’ll notice that your thoughts will likely wander towards all the things you would do if you had more money. Such as sharing it with a list of the people you love, as this feels like a noble and gracious thing to do and should therefore be rewarded.

You’ll day dream about building an emergency fund, or paying off debt, as this is considered to be the responsible thing to do and should be recognized. Or perhaps you’ll picture the multiple 0’s in your bank account, and drift off to all the places you would travel to.

But these are not answers to the questions “What do I think about money” or “What are my beliefs about money.” These are fantasy statements you make when you dream of someone standing at your door with a TV crew and a giant cardboard cheque!

Keep on track

Think of all your experiences with money and pay particular attention to how money was handled, thought about, talked about, and treated when you were a child.

Was it something that you saw as being great to have and fun to spend with a knowing that there was plenty for everyone?

Or was it something that was horded, scrounged, skimped, saved, cheated, and seemingly scarce?

What to do?

This belief system (i.e. your own money blocks), these tracks are no longer reflective who you are or what you want to believe.

You have to clear this line of thinking, and begin a new thought path that is open and receptive to money. This will then reflect your true self and who you are.

Remove money blocks

You truly own and have total control over only three things in this life, which are your thoughts, words, and your actions. If take care in your thoughts, words and actions you will be well served.

Create a new money mindset

To develop a new money mindset, you must first think of your mind as a large dirt surface. If you go over the same path multiple times, before too long you’ll establish a track on that surface. In this instance, walking the path are the thoughts you think, and the paths made are your beliefs; your new beliefs about money.

But, to create new thought paths (and thereby create new beliefs), you need to have new thoughts about money. 

Your new money beliefs

Here are several positive statements (or affirmations) about money that you can recite several times a day. Think of them as a message that your driving into your subconscious mind:

  • Thank you for my constantly increasing income.
  • Thank you for blessing me beyond my fondest dreams.
  • Thank you the ever-growing prosperity in all areas of my life.

They may sound a bit corny; but it feels amazing when saying these types of statements to yourself. Especially when looking into your own eyes in front of a mirror. I encourage you to tailor your own positive affirmations so they’re suited to you, your beliefs, and your level of comfort.

Be Grateful

Visualize gratitude as the fertilizer for your new thoughts and being grateful for what you have nourishes its growth. Give thanks for all the little seedlings in your life so they too may flourish.

Even the penny you find in the parking lot is a clear sign that things are changing for you and although small it’s still worthy of appreciation.

Know there is plenty

A popular belief for most people is that there’s just not enough money. Funnily enough most people also feel that there isn’t enough time, food, water, love, etc.

If you hold close to you the lack in the world, the negative aspects of the economy, your poor family lineage, or your lack filled story as being your only possible reality then this is what will be true for you. You live in an unlimited universe, you are an unlimited being and there is plenty for everyone.

I hope this article provides you with some insights on ways that you can release money blocks that may be standing between you and the prosperity you desire.

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