Mintos Referral Program Bonus Structure

P2P Investments – Mintos Announces Continuous Referral Program

Mintos has recently announced that its “Refer a Friend” bonus program will now run continuously. The “refer a friend” program offers between € 10 and € 1000 for each new investor that joins Mintos using a referral code.

The bonus will be applied to both the new investor, as well as the referring investor.

Please note: Mintos pay out the bonus. Money is not passed from the new investor to the referring investor.

Mintos Referral Program Bonus Structure

Referral Bonuses are paid out according to the amounts invested 30 days after registration.

Outstanding investment at the end of the Bonus Period:

  • € 10,000 + = a bonus 1%, up to € 1,000
  • € 5,000 = a bonus € 60
  • € 2,500 = a bonus € 30
  • € 1,000 = a bonus € 20
  • € 500 = a bonus € 10

Mintos will pay out the bonus 10 days after the end of the bonus period (i.e. 24 days after initial registration).

Who can apply

The program is open to new investors who are friends of currently registered investors. Through the terms and conditions of the referral program, Mintos has specified that links cannot be shared on public websites or used outside closed circles. Please email me (or join my newsletter) if you are interested in the code!

Mintos investors, both new and old, have earned more than € 300,000 through the referral program. More here.

Read more about the refer a friend bonus in my Mintos review here.

Mintos currently has an average return of 11.71% and has 125,175 registered investors.


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